bovine bakery and a nice long drive

It was a lovely day in Northern California, the sky was perfectly blue, it was warm without any real heat and there was a nice breeze kicking through every few minutes. At least that's how the weather was in Point Reyes where Molly and I drove to to meet up with some friends from the mission cycling club who had ridden the 42 miles from the city on their bikes. We met at the bovine bakery which is a regular spot for the hoards of bikers that make it to that quaint little town. I had a great cup of Thanksgiving Coffee, one of my favorite brands, and a delicious croissant and the gang of us sat outside and soaked in the day. It's days like today that make me appreciate this state... my how lucky we are.


tweeting away

i finally joined twitter and after updating my status on facebook it really doesn't feel all that weird to tweet. tweet tweet. i can't figure out how to search for people on there so if you want to follow me i'm tweetsweet. would love any tips or advice! tweet tweet.


sticking with a theme

last night when i saw molly i noticed the black and white pirate band-aid on her middle finger. it was playful and fun and i loved it. it also got me thinking about why we've lived with boring skin toned colored bandages for so long. we think people won't notice that we have some weird plastic sticker around a finger or stuck to our arm? i'm all for calling out our injuries with color and creativity. it's kind of like saying 'hey i have a cut but i'm making the most of this cut and using it as a chance to adorn myself with some body art i don't usually get to wear'. why not? it's so much healthier to shout out your little pains to the world than try to cover them up anyway.

which is why i think urban outfitters artist series bandages are such a brilliant idea. Kate Sutton's sweet illustrations make me want to get hurt just so i can have an excuse to don one of her clever band-aids.



I have a very dear friend who I may have to get these for.


this might be one of my favorite things ever.

Snoop Dog making cognac mashed potatoes on Martha Stewart. Please note how she calls herself just a "home girl from New Jersey".

Thanks for sending Hannah!


best use of a toilet paper roll i have ever seen.

saw this first on Oh Joy and i couldn't resist posting here. created by Yuken Teruya

how totally inspiring.


make a wish

i just read about this fun event happening tomorrow in dolores park on my love for you. i'll list the details below as meighan did, in case you're in SF and are able to go. how fun.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
11:11am - 11:12 am AND pm
everyone in the world
everywhere in the world, as WELL as Dolores Park by the tennis courts in San Francisco
Everyone who can make it to the courts at Dolores Park are invited to gather there on November 11 at 11ish am and/or pm. When 11:11 strikes, we will collectively cast our own wishes during a minute of silence. The alignment of numbers and synchronicity of people coming together for a common mission can remind us that together we can realize the true effect that positive thinking can have. While there, some of us will be taking photos and making a Wish List to be published in the future, preserving and perpetuating all wishes made.

p.s. in searching for an image to use with this post i found a very cool looking etsy shop called domestikate. i would have loved to buy that clock up there!

out with the old.. .

man i love this image. and all of the images of the Obama family behind the scenes on election night on flickr.


brunch and twilight.. two perfect things.

i woke up saturday morning determined to eat healthy this weekend, the cloudy skies made me think this would be easy, i would have a quiet and relaxing weekend at home, maybe go to the gym and load up on fruit and veggies from the farmers market.

what is it they say about the best laid plans? an hour or so after my healthy weekend idea i got a text from a friend telling me we were meeting for brunch at Universal Cafe. if you've ever had brunch at Universal you know how very hard it is to turn down. i had some amazing combination of poached eggs, biscuits and sausage gravy along with two mimosas.. so much for my healthy weekend plans. the menu changes often at Universal but i've never had a breakfast i didn't like there. we also split some delicious pumpkin donuts with mascarpone. yum.

and today i met Anh-Minh for another delicious brunch at Slow Club. i think they have a more constant menu, i had the egg fried sandwich which was delicious and simple with some of the most perfectly cooked bacon i've had in a while. they open at ten which is when we got there and it filled up pretty fast so like most good brunch places in the city the key seems to be getting there close to when they open.

this isn't food related but it might consume me for a while so i'm sharing. today i started Twilight and it's kind of a wonder i was even able to pull myself away and write this post. i had been thinking about reading the series for a while but was resisting, last night some good friends finally convinced me. i've got heidi's well loved copy next to me in bed right now and i can't wait to get back to it!


taco truck to a chinese restaurant

i'm a little foggy today so forgive the lame title of this post. last night i finally tried mission street food which i've been hearing so much about. the smart folks behind the idea had been renting a taco truck in the mission on thursday nights but have found a new home in a chinese restaurant on mission and 18th. the food was great, i only wish there was more of it to go around. i never did get to try the much talked about pb&j which is pork belly & jicama w/ pickled jalapeno and cilantro aioli on fresh home-made flatbread. but the fried rice and curry soup was delicious. looking forward to trying it out again next thursday. if you go, go early, it was packed!

loads of great pictures from last night can be seen here.


yes we did!

what an absolutely amazing night. this is what it looked like where i was. lots more video and pictures from the intersection of 19th and Valencia can be seen here and here.

how awesome to be able to be a part of history being made like this. i feel like we should have a month long celebration!

photo above from Brandan O'Connor's Blog


don't forget!

love this awesome outfit created by lisa anne auerbach (seen via whip up)



probably one of he most fun things about halloween this year was helping molly sew up her giant caterpillar costume for her first grade classes halloween parade. molly got all the fabric at scrap and together we figured out how to assemble the thing. she made the legs of the caterpillar by cutting stockings, sewing one end and stuffing them with bubble wrap, then we sewed them onto the big tube we had made for the body. it's truly a homemade costume but it was such fun putting it together.

i grabbed these photos from molly's blog where you can go and read about all of the awesome halloween crafts she's been doing the last couple of weeks.