Terrarium Making

I've been a bit obsessed with making terrariums lately. There's something relaxing and meditative about putting these mini gardens together. And thank goodness my local coffee shop is selling them so I have a place to bring them all. I love seeing the terrariums in his space and I love that they are brightening up other peoples spaces. 


Mason Street Murmuration

Fun video for a friday. Murmuration - a flock of starlings. via SFist.


Grill Pan Cooking

Like I said santa (aka my awesome boyfriend) was really good to me this year. In addition to the slow cooker he also got be a le creuset grill pan which was a big surprise. Isn't it pretty? (look away from the dirty stovetop and messy counter)
Tilapia was the first thing I cooked on it and I served it with a homemade olive tapenade which was pretty delicious. The best part - it was so easy to clean, even after I cooked the fish a tad too long and some of it stuck to the pan. Excited to use this beauty for many more meals.


NYE 2013

Rick takes amazing photos. Here's proof. And here's his NYE photo from last year.


Slow Cooking

I have been wanting a slow cooker for a while now and this year I was lucky enough to get one from santa. The first recipe I tried out was Tofu in Red Pepper Cream Sauce from Food52.
I was happy with the outcome but I would definitely change up a few things next time I make this, and I will likely make it again. The recipe has you simmer the sauce after blending, after that you add the tofu. I want to try adding the tofu while it slow cooks, maybe not cubing it but putting in bigger pieces so you can easily remove it from the peppers before blending them. I just wanted the tofu to absorb more of the flavor of the sauce. I'm guessing when I have my leftovers tomorrow the tofu will be perfectly seasoned after sitting in that sauce all night.
This would be better with more than just tofu -- roasted potatoes, onions, and even chicken would all be great with this sauce. Definitely worth trying if it sounds good to you. Oh and I already love my slow cooker, can't wait to try more recipes out.


The SFPL as drawn by Wendy MacNaughton

Love Wendy MacNaughton and adore this piece she did on the SF Public Library for the Rumpus. See it in its entirety here.


tomato season!

Must make this Scalloped Tomatoes recipe from Food52 before all the tomatoes go away! Full recipe here.


Tummy Feeling

This is such a beautiful video and art project. Totally inspiring. Found on Etsy.


Mother's Day

I am so excited about this Mother's Day card. Growing up my brother and I watched Mommy Dearest many times. It was one of those movies HBO just had on repeat. My name being Christina my mom and brother would often imitate the closet scene from the movie and hold a hanger while shouting my name. Sounds a little twisted and sick but it always made me laugh.

Clever card from Etsy seller Concrete Lace.


reading in public places

It's been sporadic but I'm still posting over on the book blog too...


Bring it 2012

My view on New Years Eve. Taken by Rick with a fancy lens and long exposure. Beautiful shot, huh?

I have just a few resolutions for the new year:
Eat more salad.
Listen to more music.
And remember that my fear is my kryptonite.


Happy Holidays!

Things have been quiet on this front for a while - lots happening, and excited to share it all in the new year. Hope everyone has a lovely & gold holiday!


Fall Holga Photos

It's been a while since I pulled out my Holga. And even longer since I got prints and scans. I love film! Lots of juicy light leaks in this roll.

BOO house in Twin Peaks, Mika on Halloween, Fall in Twin Peaks