the aftermath

My head hasn't been in a blogging state lately. But I always get that itch, and I know it will come back soon, my need to record stuff here. The photo above was from a delicious Sunday night dinner, and like Molly it captures how this weekend felt for me. I wish they could all be three day weekends....


a different angle

Color Me Katie has a very sweet post up today about taking photos from behind when a group is gathering for a picture. I love the idea of doing this and the different perspective it offers up.



Sewing class at Workshop.

Kelly Malone, the amazing force behind Workshop, was recently diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. Unfortunately she was dropped from her health insurance and needs help with medical bills. Read more and donate here.




some mornings make me feel whole again. today was that kind of morning.


Artist Crush: Bec Groves

Pretty sure I first read about Bec Groves on MrXStitch. I love the details of her work, it makes me want to become a better embroiderer.

Etsy Shop.


SF Chefs Unite

Lucky me, I get to go to this event for work this weekend. My mouth is already watering just reading the menu. We'll be giving away two tickets on one of our sites, as soon as we post 'em I'll link it here. And tickets are still available for purchase here if you're looking to eat some good food for a good cause this weekend.