So long Maggie Mudd

Glad I got to visit one last time. Maggie Mudd will be closing its doors this Sunday. It's perfect ice cream weather here in SF so go show them some love before they shutter their doors. A worker there told me they wouldn't be selling their pints to local stores any longer either but they will still be doing their ice cream cakes to order online.


Black Gold

This documentary will make you think twice about your morning cup of coffee. It is heartbreaking to see the impoverished farmers in Ethiopia struggling to feed their families in such stark contrast to the millions of westerners who pay more for their daily cup of coffee than those farmers make in a week. There has to be a better solution.


fried brussels sprouts

I attempted to recreate the delicious fried brussels sprouts from Marlowe for Thanksgiving last year. I woke up two hours before my boyfriend so he wouldn't freak out about the big mess I was pretty sure I was going to make frying all those little leaves. They came out pretty good but I didn't quite perfect them. So I was excited to find this recipe over at food52. I'll be making these sometime soon. Not sure if it will be in my kitchen or in my sleeping boyfriend's but I can't resist trying my hand at these again especially with the sweet and spicy combo of honey and Sriracha. Yum.


I'll be on the porch.

I feel a little crazy as I'm on my second to last day at Chronicle. It's scary and exciting and really sad all at once. I don't have much time in between jobs but my sweet guy rented us a car and booked us a room at one of our favorite spots to celebrate. Even if it's raining all weekend I'm looking forward to kicking back and getting away for a minute before I jump into the new.



salt in the wound

I am still thrilled about my new job (which starts next week!!). But as if I wasn't already sad to be leaving the wonderfully creative people at Chronicle, I was given this amazing gift today. In pub group (which stands for publishing group) we talk a lot about which books we should publish, sometimes we look at book proposals, and sometimes we brain storm new book ideas. Last week I had the idea of publishing a book of models falling. I was only half joking to be honest. Don't you think people would buy that? And don't you think Chronicle would do it so well? Today, at my last pub group meeting, my colleagues presented me with this amazing 'Models Falling Paper Doll' kit. They took my idea and ran with it and I still think they'd be crazy not to publish it.

(oh and forgive the crappy cell phone photo)

Decor Hacks

Heather of Dollar Store Crafts and Amy of Modge Podge Rocks have launched a new blog called Decor Hacks. How these two ladies are able to do all they do is beyond me but I'm glad they have the energy for it. Their site is already full of some inspiring stuff, including this amazing Library Book Desk.


Bakesale for Japan

If you're in the neighborhood be sure to swing by Chronicle Books tomorrow and buy some delicious baked goods to support Japan. Chronicle will be matching 100% of all funds raised.


It's Boo!

Got this in the mail from the talented Michael McConnell. Mike didn't know about Boo before me, do you know about Boo? Tell me he doesn't make you crack a smile. Look at that face.

I can not wait to hang this amazing piece on my wall. To see more of Mike's great work check out his show up now at the Braunstein/Quay Gallery in San Francisco.


my big news

Sometimes this blog feels like a big old book overflowing with papers and photos I jam inside of it. A place where I jot quick notes and slip in scraps of things I find and love and want to remember – pages torn from magazines, quotes I want to come back to again, photos that inspire me. It’s a gathering place for me, a record of sorts, and I love that there are actually some people out there who are interested enough to keep checking back in on what I’m stuffing in this big messy book. So it feels both weird and totally appropriate to log it in here that after six years at Chronicle Books I'm moving on. It will be a big change for me and it wasn't an easy decision to make but I'm ready for new adventures and the one ahead feels both totally exciting and a little scary. I don’t know why I feel weird revealing exactly where I’ll be, I’m sure that will come out eventually, but I’m going over to internet land full time and will be working for a website. In my new role I’ll be working on the sites lifestyle category and specifically helping to develop and create the Craft & DIY section of the site. So in a lot of ways I'll still be focusing on the same sorts of things - just working with a totally different medium. I’m sure I’ll be posting a lot of what I’m working on over there since I will still be in the lucky position of having my work intersect with my passions and interests. Yay for new beginnings!

Photo by Jeremy Brooks.



Mike Perry announced that he will be donating all of the proceeds from his shop to help Japan....

Buy anything from my online store for the rest of the month and 100% of the proceeds will go to help with the disaster in Japan. Be it you spend $10 or $5000 dollars all of it will be donated. Lets really raise some money and help. Please spread the word.
All my best,
Mike Perry Studio



It seems so silly to purchase something to help in a situation like this. But it always amazes me the way so many creative folks mobilize when an unbelievable tragedy like this occurs. A small round-up below of things people have created to help raise money for Japan.

Japan Relief Print.

Square Ruby Ring from Pineapple Seed.

Help Japan by Rob Dobi.

Donate to the Red Cross.

small beginnings

Never despise small beginnings, and don’t belittle your own accomplishments. Remember them and use them as inspiration as you go on to the next thing. When you venture outside your comfort zone, wherever the starting point may be, it’s kind of a big deal.
- Chris Guillebeau, Kind of a Big Deal

via swiss miss


i love you friday.

It has been a long two weeks for me. In a great way. I have exciting news I'll share soon. But for tonight I'm looking forward to piling some friends into my teeny tiny apartment and just kicking back. I made my famous (yes it is) artichoke dip and some brownies and I filled the fridge with champagne and wine. Weekend here I come!


cloud house

yes please. (click to make it big)

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designed by dietrich wegner.


Do you know about the site Daily Calligraphy? Molly introduced me to it a while back and I love popping in there to check out the lovely quotes and fantastic penmanship.


this looks like more fun

My aunt asked me my five year plan the other night and was shocked when I said I didn't have one. Things I want to do? Sure. Places I want to visit? Definitely. But a written and organized list of where I want my life to be in the next five years? Nope. I think I'm OK with that. And doesn't this look like a much better way to record what you want to do?

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