imaginary worlds

i've been paying more attention to photos lately, thanks to this awesome photographer in my life. i love the way taking photos slows you down a little bit and makes you notice things you might normally glaze over. i love that walking around with one of my toy cameras makes me tilt my head and consider sites in a new way.

of course i also love the tricks and techniques lots of professional photographers use. take these photos by Romain Laurant. at first i wanted to know how he manages to make some of his photos happen. but it's much more fun just enjoying the art and whimsy of them and imagining a world where people spilled out of subway cars and walked around with bubbles surrounding their heads.

via cup of joe.



started embroidering again this weekend and it feels so good.

i have lots of ideas and projects brewing. this little guy is kind of a sampler i stitched up while at Molly & Ry's this past weekend. i forgot how meditative and relaxing embroidery is for me. i've been loving all the photo taking with my toys, but it feels good to be back into the crafting again too!


don't forget.

More from New People in Japan Town.


take my hand.

valencia & 18th ish.



iron-on party

Danica, Molly, Sarah, & I had a long overdue dinner and crafting night last week. I blogged about it over on the CB blog today.



to do list

As seen at New People in Japan Town, SF.


on repeat

Tunnelvision by Here We Go Magic. I can't embed the video for some reason so you'll just have to go here to watch. Or better yet just listen here.


home sweet home

A lot has happened in these 7 or so months I've been gone from this here blog. I moved out of the old apartment, which I had occupied for 7 years (!) and moved into my very own sweet place. Jack is a little lonely and misses his old cat pal Hank, but mostly we're pretty happy to be on our own.

Here are some lovely shots of my new apartment taken by Danica. One of my favorite things to do in the new place? Have my sweet friends over for meals and crafting. I need to do more of it.

To see more of Danica's beautiful shots head over to her flickr stream.


i'm here!

i'm thinking about making a come back here. it's been a while since i last posted and i shut down the blog (well on and off) because this space just has so much history for me and i kind of don't want people to have access to all of it. but, after thinking long and hard about starting a new blog i kind of came to the conclusion that it made sense to just start up on here again. why not? it's comfy in here, i've spent a lot of time building this place, it doesn't feel right to abandon it for good. and all that stuff i don't want people to read- well i'm just gonna let go and think of those stories as tattoos i don't regret getting, inspired by this great article written by Joshua Mohr.

that photo up there is one of the many i've taken in the last few months. i've gotten a little carried away with my holga and diana, so expect to see a lot more photos on here.