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i love love...
...this printed vellum sleeve and Niagara Falls postcard from etsy seller BROOKLYNrehab.
...this book frame project Diane posted over on her fantastic blog Crafty Pod.
...the trailer for 'where the wild things are'!! can't wait to see this movie directed and written by Spike Jonze & Dave Eggers.
...and maybe my new birthday dress?


it's almost my birthday!

i am not having a baby or getting married (not that there is anything wrong with either of those things) but i AM turning 33 and that's a good enough reason for me to throw (another) b-day party for myself. because why not? here's part of the invite i designed. i saw this photo of Iris Barrel Apfel, a fashion designer who i didn't know before i saw this amazing photo and i ripped it out of the magazine. i didn't know what i was going to do with it and for a while i just had it hanging up in my cube at work. i love her, i love her big bulky jewelry and big glasses and awesome pants and i don't really care what you think look about her and i want to be her when i grow up.

and here's a small excerpt from the interview with her that i link to above, doesn't it just make you love her more?

What do you look for?
I’m a hopeless romantic. I buy things because I fall in love with them. I never buy anything just because it’s valuable. My husband used to say I look at a piece of fabric and listen to the threads. It tells me a story. It sings me a song. I have to get a physical reaction when I buy something. A coup de foudre – a bolt of lightning. It’s fun to get knocked out that way!

What is your shopping philosophy?

I do have a dominant shopping gene but, unlike a reasonable person, I never plan for what I need each season. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt, the discovery and the endless search. In another creation I was, perhaps, a hunter/gatherer. After all these years, I’ve learned that it’s not the end result or finished product but the process I most enjoy. If my experimenting, searching and juxtaposing turns into an exciting outfit well, it’s just a big fat bonus!

What are you buying now?
Jeans. What else would you suggest for the world’s oldest living teenager?


summer day

had a lovely lunch with peter & david at Ferry plaza building. peter snapped this pic of david showing off his spring roll. look at that view! and now imagine 70 degree weather. and i wanted to move to new york why??!?

happy friday!


Etsy Obsession

i've been kind of getting into the hippie chic thing lately, lots of bright colors and drapey tops and dresses. i need more turquiose, i need more silver and beads and i think i may need these:

they're from Etsy seller Sisicata who has a shop full of awesome resin jewelry.


craft talk

this made my poopy day, thanks Jennifer!


Missing Mr.Pickles

If you live in the Mission you're likely familiar with Mr.Pickles, maker of fine sandwhiches. You've also likely walked by the giant Mr.Pickles pickle- love him or hate him he's been missing for over a week and things just aren't the same around those parts. I first read about the story on MIssion Mission, several friends and I have an email thread dicussing possible suspects, and now the story has made it to the local CBS Blog. I love the ominous picture they have of Mr.Pickles in the dark, too funny.

Do you know where Mr.Pickles is?

sarah getting married....

and Julie... two of my dearest friends and i'm having so much fun helping them with all the little details or whatever it is they want my input on. Julie will have an east coast wedding in August and Sarah & Roger have a California wedding to plan for September. there are so many lovely wedding blogs and i'm particularly obsessed with snippet & ink, it makes me want to quit my job and start a party planning business, it's so well curated and is a great source of ideas and inspiration. today Sarah and i looked at lots of weddings online to get ideas for hers, i just love the details and creativity some people put into their weddings these days..

i also recently saw Rachel Getting Married and loved it. all wedding nonsense aside it was a well acted, well directed, engrossing movie and i highly recommend it!


welcome spring, where are you?

it's freezing in SF today (well, OK cold for here) and it snowed in NY on Friday which was the first official day of Spring. . but these new pieces from the Berkeley's are making me very happy, they're inspired by the expression 'March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb' and i might have to get that lion!

buy them here.


checking back in for real this time

wow, radio silence, huh? i took a break without even thinking about taking a break. which was kind of nice. no big life stuff to tend to, just life. been to chicago and ny and back to chicago and i guess i was just tired. i'm not even sure if anyone is checking in here anymore but i'm back! (again) with a google reader full of blogs to catch up on and lots to tell you about.

wish i could give this photo proper credit, i saw it here.