adventure calls!

I try to squeeze a little time in every morning to catch up on some of my blogs. I don't have a lot for you this morning but it sure was fun to read Molly's post while sipping my morning coffee. If you want a little inspiration head over there!


warm weather images

We haven't had much of a summer here in the Bay Area, but it's still hard to believe this is the last week of the season.
We're in for a warm(er) week and my fingers are crossed we'll get our heat this Fall. But man it feels like summer just flew by.

I took these photos during that 2 day heat wave we had last week. Just looking at them makes me long for a proper summer.


happy friday

have a dreamy weekend.

Diana & Holga photos by me.


how to be alone

i'm a pretty social person and i love spending time with friends, family, and the sweet guy in my life, but i also love being alone. sometimes i forget that. this video is a sweet reminder.


Holga Portraits

I like shooting people in black and white with my Holga and for my most recent roll I decided I would only take portraits. While it's fun to fire off an entire roll in one weekend there's something really satisfying about stretching it out and being more thoughtful about every picture I take.

I'm pretty happy with how this roll came out. The rest of the roll can be viewed on flickr.


molly's studio

When I unexpectedly went to Molly's studio last week I was bummed I didn't have my old point & shoot camera. But after looking at these cell phone photos I'm kind of glad my budget phone was the only thing I had with me.

While Molly may wish she was still exploring France I'm glad she's back. Be sure to check out her most recent art show which opens this Friday. The show will feature 16 artists who each have 16 pieces hanging. Should be a fun night!


Last Outside Lands post!

Hippies are Dead did a five-post recap of all that Rick and I saw and heard at Outside Lands this year. Below are links to all of the posts. In addition to posting about great bands HAD has a pretty robust photo archive of all the bands they have seen and covered, so if you’re looking for a good way to kill some time I suggest you head over to their flickr stream.

Day 1 Part 1
Day 1 Part 2
Day 2 Part 1
Day 2 Part 2
Festival wrap-up

I took the photo above in the press tent with my Holga. I felt pretty ridiculous pulling it out amongst the sea of SLR's and fancy lenses but I'm glad I got that shot.


via Design Crush.


Creative Inc. Book Trailer

This is one of the books I'm most excited to be working on this Fall. We're kicking off a stellar blog tour next week with some great design and craft blogs - once we have a completed schedule I'll post it here.

Check out these cute authors!


Outside Lands Recap

I wasn't just hanging out and drinking in the press tent at Outside Lands this weekend, while Rick was shooting the bands I was taking notes. And you can read them over at Hippies Are Dead. This is the first of many posts covering the weekend so check out my comments and look at the great photos Rick took of the bands we saw.

Good luck tails?

As seen at Outside Lands this weekend. Is this some new trend I haven't heard about yet?


east bay thursday

I'm still enjoying a nice long 4 day weekend, which was packed with fun activities. I started off my mini-vacation by spending the night in Oakland with Sarah & Mingus, and got to see some sun for the first time in a while. I got a little carried away taking photos of our shadows.

Walking Mingus.

Delicious shrimp curry dinner.

These flowers grow in huge bushes outside of Sarah & Roger's house and they smell lovely.


Outside Lands

I am one lucky lady. My boyfriend is shooting Outside Lands this weekend and I get the accompanying media pass to attend the show. I don't normally do these big festival like shows anymore as crowds tend to wear me out but doing it pro-style with a media pass, yes please!

Are you going? What bands are you excited to see? I'm looking forward to catching My Morning Jacket, Little Wings, Cat Power, People Under the Stairs, and to discovering some new music. I'll let you know how it goes.



I recommend clicking on the video so you can view it larger on YouTube. Really lovely.


Sam's looks a little dirty and Dylan did say he thought the place was held together by grease.

But after a long night in North Beach at 1am this place was exactly what we needed.

If you find yourself hungry and in that part of the city late at night I suggest you pass up the many pizza joints and find this little oasis. It's worth it. I promise. Oh and I recommend the Sam's Special. I got mine with a Sprite and it was perfect.


Happy Monday!

Plungercammed: Tiny Fishermans Wharf from Bhautik Joshi on Vimeo.

Tilt shift & San Francisco (when it's sunny) two of my favorite things.


Renegade SF

As always there were a ridiculous amount of things to take in at Renegade last weekend. But for some reason I felt a little less overwhelmed this year. And while I saw a lot of the same old (mustaches, cupcakes, t-shirts) I also saw a lot of great new artists I was excited to discover.

What I loved the most were the ceramics this year. It's really nice to see more potters showing up to these shows.

If I had a bigger budget I would have come home with these lovely jars from Paulova Design.

And probably one of these porcelain beauties from Heyday.

And just about anything from Rae Dunn.

Wilfredo was pretty wiped out by it all.


On Repeat: Cloud Cult

Since our road trip I can't stop listening to Cloud Cult. I had never heard them before and I think I found one of my favorite new (to me) bands.

They'll be in San Francisco in September and I can't wait to see them play live.



Someone very sweet surprised me with this beauty yesterday.

Isn't she just lovely? I can't wait to start shooting with her.

This tops the list for best surprise ever.

Lucky me.


Artist Crush: Rosie Geissler

Here I go with more words & art but I kind of can't get over the amazing work of Rosie Geissler.
I mean seriously. She inspires big time.

Click on the images above to see all the stitching details. And head to Rosie's flickr stream if you want to see more.


F that S

More pictures from Renegade coming soon. I didn't get much but I managed to pick up these gems. I'm a sucker for paper products with good messages.

Postcards from Rar Rar Press. 'It's Always Worth It' from Lisa Congdon.