Two things I'm a total sucker for: time lapse and tilt shift. Also, look at our awesome city.

San Francisco: The Miniature City from MINIMUS on Vimeo.


Artist Crush: Rebecca Morgan

Thanks BUST for the article on Rebecca Morgan. I am in awe of this 26 year olds giant pencil drawings of herself and look forward to seeing what she does next.

Bad ass.


Flickr Commons

Rana made fun of my crappy food photos (but the food tasted delicious - I swear!) so I'm posting some prettier things.

Have you explored The Commons on Flickr? It's a great collection of photos from the Library of Congress. I did a search for summer images since it's so hot in SF today. Where is my icy cold beverage and private sandy beach?

I promise this isn't becoming a food blog, although that wouldn't be such a bad thing. But I made this Chicken Tikka Masala last night and I needed to tell you how delicious it tasted. If you like cooking and Indian food you really need to make this now, it's easy and I can't get over that I made something that tastes like it came from an Indian Restaurant. Now I just need to learn how to make garlic naan and I'll be set.

Clearly I need a new digital camera, this one just doesn't cut it with the food photos.


Cooking in the Heat

For some reason, just as the heat is kicking in and our summer is starting here in San Francisco, I’ve been itching to cook more. It’s funny to see how my creative outlets change every so often, this year it’s been a lot of photography (of the plastic camera variety) and cooking. There’s something just as satisfying to me in creating a meal as there is in making a piece of jewelry or embroidering something to hang on the wall. I’m a decent cook (which I have to assume comes from growing up with an Italian mother who made Veal Piccata and Eggplant Parmesan as effortlessly as if it were a frozen TV dinner) but since I’ve had my own apartment I’ve discovered a new love for making meals and watching people enjoy them.

Last week I made Spicy Baked Chicken from this book, a delicious pasta dish which consisted of homemade sauce, fried eggplant, fried shallots, and ricotta cheese (my own creation), and a Meatloaf, which was surprisingly the most fun to make. I found the Meatloaf recipe on Pioneer Woman Cooks, a site many of my foodie friends dislike, but one I love for her simple ingredients and photo documented instructions. This was my first ever Meatloaf and I was pretty happy with the results. As soon as I saw the recipe I knew my comfort food-loving boyfriend would probably like it, so I bookmarked it and gave him the option of that or Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner on Saturday. While the Chicken looked amazing it required a lot of spices we didn’t have so we opted for the Meatloaf. The sauce really made this dish and when I make it again I’ll definitely be adding a lot more spice to the meat.

Forgive my crappy photos!


Artist Crush: Lissy Elle

Loving the photographs of Lissy Elle.

Especially her Get Back in the Book Series. There's something both wonderfully creepy and delightful about these photos.


Help me pick some photos!

I'll be printing 5 or 6 of the photos above for an upcoming employee art show. If you feel so inclined let me know which you'd most like to see printed, stretched on canvas, and possibly embriodered on. If I get enough responses I'll pick a random commenter and send a little something special in the mail. I'm not bribing you. Really. I'm not.

Click on the photo names below to see them bigger.

1. the lovely california coast, 2. Bay Bridge & Bow, 3. horsey, 4. jersey shore in may, 5. sarah's garden, 6. car lot on mission street, 7. F Market, 8. Gun Shop, 9. Fox Gloves, 10. big cloud, 11. car lot on mission, 12. that view again, 13. cherry blossom, 14. triple 7, 15. yellow, 16. seagull



Procrastination from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.


Thanks Molly for posting first!


The Fast Pass Vanity Project

To be totally honest I think I was drunk when I decided to take a photo of my Fast Pass every day this month. If you don't live in San Francisco a Fast Pass is similar to New York's Metro Card - it allows you to ride the subways and buses unlimited for a set amount of money each month. So, maybe I was a little tipsy when I posted a photo on Flickr and announced I would be doing this project, but because I had announced it I felt compelled to follow through. At first it felt like a chore and I think the photos I took reflected that. But I have a little more enthusiasm for the project now. This is the last month I will be using a paper Fast Pass as I'm switching to the Clipper Card next month, so the project is sort of my tribute to paper Fast Passes that will eventually be a thing of the past.

This project has turned into a sort of daily journal for me and I'm excited to be able to look back and see the collage these photos create.

You can view the growing set here.

(Several people on Flickr have been eager to point out that the Fast Pass isn't completely going away until next year. I'm well aware of that fact but this is my project and my last month with a paper Fast Pass. Just in case anyone felt compelled to also point that out in the comments here.)


Anthology - A Real Live Magazine!

The past few years hundreds of magazines have folded. I'm sick of that sad news and thrilled that Meg and Anh-Minh have brought us Anthology, an actual print magazine. Thanks ladies. Print is not dead!


Happy Friday!

That felt like the longest short week ever. Hope you all have a restful weekend.



Book launch party for Creative Inc. happening at Candy Store Collective in the Mission.



Did you have a good long weekend? I'm wishing it was still happening.

This dreamy video was a sweet little escape from work for me this afternoon...

Artspin from Luke Lasley on Vimeo.


Etsy love

love these - both currently available on Etsy.
rosie geissler.


Danny & Annie

Watch this and just try not to cry - seriously.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Block 18

This is what Saturday looked like.