art signs

been seeing this all over the city. love it.


My projects in Print!

I was so very excited to write three different projects for the newest issue of Craft Stylish. The magazine officially hits newstands on June 10th but I've been going to Borders almost daily looking for it. And I just got a peek at the cover, which changed from the last time I saw it and now includes one of my necklaces! I knew that blue and yellow necklace was cover girl material!! I'll post more as soon as I get a copy in my hands but if you want to preorder head over here.


My mom's Etsy shop!

I know I've talked about my mom here before, I've gone on about how lucky I am to have a crafty mama and how happy I am I have so many of her traits. Well I just about jumped for joy when she emailed me with news of her Etsy shop! She makes bags and you can see for yourself how wonderful they are by visiting her shop mimmadesigns.etsy.com. You know it's a lot of work getting everything up there when you first open up shop, but she's got a lot in there. She's working on some more pictures that show the details of her work but I'm just so happy she's on there and selling her stuff! Go mom!!


more for the craft room

the fruits of my trip to Helen's store. have a look at those awesome buttons that will soon be rings!


Fabric Sale this weekend in SF

Looking to burn that economic stimulus check? This weekend Whiz Bang Fabrics is having a 4 day sale on all fabric in the shop 20-50% off! I'm certain I'll find an excuse to buy some yards myself.

Store hours this weekend are:
Friday 5/23 11 am – 7 pm
Saturday 5/24 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday 5/25 noon – 5 pm
Monday 5/26 10 am – 4 pm

WhizBang Fabrics (@ Active Space)
3150 18th st Suite 113 (on Treat @ 18th)

So go take advantage of this awesome sale and let me know what you make!

happy long weekend

something short for your viewing pleasure. she's my favorite this one..


back in SF!

I didn't blog nearly as much as I had hoped from New York. It was an insanely busy trip and I can't believe how much I packed in in 6 days. I met my sweet little new neice, ate at Craft with my dad and aunt (Yum!), met up with friends from high school I haven't seen in 14 years, some good friends who have moved to NY and lots and lots of family. Now I'm catching up on work email and my google reader!


beads and trim

I don't think I mentioned here that I have a piece coming out in the next issue of Craft Stylish, it hits news stands in about a week - so look for the baubles and big beads necklace piece! As soon as I get a copy I'll post some pics here. It was really fun to design some necklaces and write an article for Craft Stylish. My editor there emailed me yesterday and gave me a project for the next issue coming out this Fall. She couldn't have gotten in touch with me at a better time! I needed an excuse to hit up some bead and trim shops in the city. So today i made it over to Toho Shoji and M&J Trim. I was excited to get to Toho Shoji since I've heard so much about it and never made it there. It was good, but prices were high and being in there made me appreciate my local bead and findings place back in SF. I did get some things I needed though and I loved the wall of gold chain!

I spent way too much money at M&J Trim and I could have spent so much more but held back. My head was sort of spinning in there.. so much fantastic stuff! That picture up there is some of my loot from today.


time flies

i went to New York and forgot to tell you..

..I'll be here until next week and will try to post often.


not a bad reminder.

You can get this print from Suspect Shoppe on Etsy. Suspect Shoppe features the work of San Francisco artist Mati Rose Mcdonough.


Beading and inspiration

I was inspired to load up my Etsy shop today after I had a ton of traffic and some sales last week. It took me a while to figure out why I had so much traffic to my shop and after asking some people who had bought things I discovered a pair of my bird earrings had been featured on the main page. It's been interesting seeing what works on Etsy and what doesn't. I did a few showcase spots, and while it resulted in new people favoriting my shop it didn't result in sales. What it did do was get the attention of someone who then picked my yellow birds as one of their favorites that ended up on the main page. I think getting featured on that main page can't be controlled, but if I hadn't bought a showcase spot I wouldn't have ended up there- so I guess it was worth it!

Also inspiring me is Susan Beal's fabulous new beading book, Bead Simple. Bead Simple offers up not only great project ideas but has basic techniques for anyone just starting out. And I just love the range of projects Susan features from some of my favorite designers and crafters. Susan's probably one of the busiest crafty ladies I know, on top of doing all her amazing crafty things she just had a baby girl who I'm certain will be just as crafty and smart as her Mama.

I'm turning into my Mother and I'm thrilled

I wasn't going to do a mother's day post but when I finished reading Post Secret this morning I was just so moved by all the sweet and sad mom related secrets on there. Here's one that rang true for me:

I know I posted this picture of my mom last year on mother's day, but I just love it. Isn't she so pretty? I'll be in NY with my mom next week and I can't wait to see her. I'm sure your mom is great and all, but my mom is the best. Happy day to all you moms out there.


Hair Candy

I really don't do this often, because i think it's kind of weird to post pictures of myself on here. Why? I don't know after all blogs are sort of self-centered things aren't they? I'm just so excited about my new haircut, and I have a girl crush on my bad ass hair stylist, Dionne. I just have such a good time getting my hair cut by her, I can talk to her about 80's metal, she's funny, and most importantly she somehow gets me enough (just after two visits very spaced apart) to give me one of the greatest haircuts I think I've ever gotten. It sort of feels like I'm wearing a wig. But I love it. If you need a good cut go to Hair Candy and ask for Dionne. She's awesome. Look at what she did to me!

Also a note about Hair Candy, it's just the cutest little flat converted into a hair salon. Lots of great colors and decor, it feels like an old fashioned parlor all updated-like.

Thanks for letting me indulge!

*Also I'm linking to Yelp only because Hair Candy doesn't have a website- Yelp reviwers are a little harsh and long winded if you ask me*



i wouldn't call this crafting as much as playing, since really it's just sticking stuff on glass. but the end result looks pretty and i think these would make some quick and easy gifts. i bought these great rub-ons and papers at the Hambley Screen Prints booth at Maker Faire this weekend. i went a little crazy with the amount of stuff I got, but they had such neat graphics and i figure they're good to have around the craft room. i found these bright colored candles at my local drug store for 99 cents each, so i bought three and whipped these up. i had a problem applying some of the finer lines - none of the letters i got worked on these candles, maybe because of the curve of the glass?


new little friends

I fell in love with those little wooden spool people at the Maker Faire. One of the many many purchases I made this weekend. I'll post more along with a link to who made those lovelies soon.

And this is what my day will look like tomorrow! I'm taking the day of work for all the hours I put in working over the weekend and I can't wait to get through the stack of magazines that's been piling, catch up on blogs and enjoy the day outside.


so much to see!

my feet ache. i was at Maker Faire all day and will be back again bright and early tomorrow. when ever i do shows like this for work i'm always so grateful i have a booth to retreat to after wandering around in the crowds. so many people. so much fire, and robots, and crafts. overwhleming. but we have bean bags in our booth so if you come tomorrow be sure to visit me in the Chronicle Books booth, we'll be crafting and reading and hanging. oh and i'll be sure to take lots of pictures tomorrow to post here next week.