beads and trim

I don't think I mentioned here that I have a piece coming out in the next issue of Craft Stylish, it hits news stands in about a week - so look for the baubles and big beads necklace piece! As soon as I get a copy I'll post some pics here. It was really fun to design some necklaces and write an article for Craft Stylish. My editor there emailed me yesterday and gave me a project for the next issue coming out this Fall. She couldn't have gotten in touch with me at a better time! I needed an excuse to hit up some bead and trim shops in the city. So today i made it over to Toho Shoji and M&J Trim. I was excited to get to Toho Shoji since I've heard so much about it and never made it there. It was good, but prices were high and being in there made me appreciate my local bead and findings place back in SF. I did get some things I needed though and I loved the wall of gold chain!

I spent way too much money at M&J Trim and I could have spent so much more but held back. My head was sort of spinning in there.. so much fantastic stuff! That picture up there is some of my loot from today.


SisterDG said...

Dear God, look at all that ribbon. I'm so looking forward to seeing your piece in CraftStylish!

Tara Diane said...

oh gosh, is that trim heaven? I've never seen a shop like that around here, I'm pretty jealous!

ambika said...

If there was a physical location here, I think I'd have to ban myself from going.