long week

It's a lot easier for me to blog when I'm not working. I realized that this week. There were just so many things I wanted to share while I was on vacation. Maybe it's just getting back into the swing of things, but work takes up a big piece of my brain. Yesterday was spent waking up late and hanging out for a good part of the day in Helen's store. Her neighbors Gravel & Gold were having mimosas and kept offering them to us, and eventually being around all that fabric got me itching to make something. With Helen's help I stitched up this log pillow with that awesome woodgrain fabric that's all over the place now. I love this fabric! The pillow could have come out a little neater, but I love the way it looks on my bed, the dark grain goes well with the headboard and floral spread.

And how sweet is this little guy!? Danica graced me with this sweetie last time I saw her and I'm just so excited to have him hanging out in my room, I think he looks pretty perfect with his sleepy eyes above my bed and against that red wall.

I also wanted to share this colorful little button tree Helen's mom made her for her shop. What an easy cute looking project.

I'm fighting off being sick so I'm heading back into my bed with my new log pillow and a stack of movies. Hopefully I'll kick this thing by tomorrow.


cathy's stuff

i know i've linked to my friend cathy's blog before on here but i'm in love with her new work, which she's posting through out the month on her blog. it's so beautiful and like nothing i've seen before. of course i love her trucks and streets paintings too, but these new pieces are just lovely.


RIP George Carlin

One of the smartest, most honest comics ever.

on flying

on children


renegade part 2

This was one of my favorite sights at Renegade-- right outside the entrance there was a little table set up with cupcakes and one of those Snoopy snow machines. My brother and I used to have one of these when I was growing up and I remember setting it up outside on hot days and selling flavored ices like lemonade.

There were lots of owls still around, but I just thought these guys made by Laura Alane were too cute. I bought some of her postcards with pics of these little sweeties on them.

Fern always reminds me of Danica.

Great to see Ork Posters and now they have t-shirts of their awesome city prints!

I don't have an ipod but if I did I would buy one of these ipod cases by Mr.Poncho.

Loved the jewelry by Brookadelphia.

This year there were some bad storms that went through during the fair, I know I complained about the heat, but I was lucky to have missed the rain!


Sale at Whiz Bang fabrics this weekend!

If you're in SF Whiz Bang is having another great sale this weekend! The sale goes through Saturday:

Summer Solstice Sale
At WhizBang Fabrics
3150 18th St (on Treat Street at 18th)
SF. CA . 94110
open 12 – 7 Tuesday - Friday
Save 25% on ALL Fabric, Trim and Patterns

Photo above from Stitch Lounge's blog-- they have more pics of Whiz Bang and a nice little write up here.


vacation all i ever wanted


best friends.





reoccurring theme.. .

love this. saw it via Hello Bauldoff. created by Kotama Bouabane.

me and my mama

there are lots of pretty things in my mother's house and for some reason on this trip i feel compelled to take photos of them. maybe i'll do a post of just pictures of things i love in her house. outside the room i sleep in, which isn't really 'my' room since they moved to this house after i graduated highschool, there is a pastel illustration framed. i love it because it looks exactly like my mother and i when i was a wee thing and she was a new mom. i sometimes sit and just stare at it in amazement, it's as if the person who created it was looking at a photo of my mom and i as she went along. it's uncanny and even crazier that my mom found it somewhere. she swiped it up as soon as she saw it, also spooked by the similarities. here's a photo as proof, notice my mom's lovely afro like black hair same as the woman in the picture, and my chubby cheeks and hair all the same. i want this in my house one day.


all i need now is a ghost story

since i've been back in jersey there have been three thuderstorms. it's been such a treat, since we don't really get lightening and thunder out west. i love the crackle of the lightening brightening up the sky followed by a boom off in the distance. i love how you can tell the storm is coming and leaving by the time inbetween the sounds and lightening.

i'm at my mom's house alone right now, which is really nice, except that the power keeps shutting on and off. i'm ready with candles lit and my book. but i've also got a great view of the sky above the river where i'm sitting in my moms kitchen. there's a bottle of wine i've just opened and since i can't seem to stop checking work email i'm kind of grateful for this break. and even though it's a little creepy, i kind of hope the power shuts off again.


renegade part 1

As I mentioned it was pretty sweltering on Saturday at Renegade, it probably didn't help that I had been lugging around a giant suitcase on my way to the park, thank goodness for the nice ladies who let me stow it away at the entrance so I could walk around the fair with free hands.

There was a lot of the same at Renegade, but I didn't really care that I had seen a lot of it before, it was so nice to be in such a massive space just packed with crafty folk who had taken such care setting up their displays plus there's something really nice about seeing familiar faces- that's how this community builds itself, no?

I'm a huge fan of Heidi from My Paper Crane and it was so cool to see all of her new forest creatures after reading about them on her blog and seeing them through all of their incarnations. I want one of those tree stumps.

I was really charmed by these wooden bookmarks with different sayings and images printed on them. I especially loved the ones that said 'read books not blogs'. It felt a little funny when I asked if I could take a picture, "What for?" the girl selling them asked. "My blog" I dorkily answered. You can see more of her great stuff at Beacon Bookmarks, she gave me a pencil as well that I think I may have to hand over to Molly when I get back to SF.

Craft Stylish also had a booth at renegade and it was so cool to see the cover giant size with my necklace on it! The issue is out now and you can pick it up at any Borders and Barnes & Noble, I'm so excited to be in this issue!

There's Nikki and Laurel hanging out in the booth.

I didn't get this person's name, but I loved the big fabric canvasses she was selling and I liked how she looked in the background with her umbrella shading her from the heat.

More soon!


hot hot hot

Well I had heard how hot it was in McCarren Park Pool last year where Renegade is held, but man I wasn't ready for the sticky heat. So much to see and despite the heat a really great place to have a craft fair. I saw tons of great stuff and talked with lots of old and new friends. I didn't have nearly enough time to spend there but I did manage to snap a good amount of pictures, which I'll post here soon. Right now I'm trying to keep cool in the Jersey humidity!


i'm addicted!

it was a long long day the highlight of course.. riding through the city on the back of a motorcycle! these were the only pictures i got, cause you know i was a little afraid of falling off!


back in nyc

oh how i love this city, with it's stinky smells and trash piled up on the street and bright lights and that non-stop buzz. feels good to be back so soon and i am so grateful i missed the 100 degree weather! although 86 is still hot to me. i've got lots of meetings for work tomorrow and when i was telling i friend here i had no idea how i expected to get from uptown to downtown so many times in one day he offered to drive me to my meetings on his motorcycle. i can't even believe that i have a friend willing to tote me around all day and that i will be zipping up and down manhatten on a motorcycle tomorrow. i'll try to take pictures, although i'm a little scared.


for the little ones.

i'm heading to the east coast again on wednesday, i'll be there for work and than taking a break to see the family. while i'm there we'll be having a 'naming ceremony' for my neice and nephew. my brother and sister-in-law aren't religious but wanted to have something like a christening where god parents are named and there's a sort of passage for the kids. Instead of god parents they're having 'guide parents' who will mentor and guide them through life. I was thrilled they asked me to be my 4 year old nephew's guide parent. i know i'm biased, but i just think he's the smartest, most amazing kid ever and i'm quite certain he's going to do something with music when he's older. Julia is just about a month old now and i'm looking forward to meeting her again when i'm home. tonight i made them both a little something for the ceremony. these were both super quick and fun projects to make and i'm glad i have something handmade to give them on their big day.


printing fun

I was amazed at the turn out for the Lotta Prints event on Saturday! Thank you everyone who came out and played so nice together. Craft Gym was just packed and Jackie, who runs Craft Gym is a total rock star, if you're looking for a place to take classes be sure to check out their site. And if you're in Brooklyn we'll be doing this all over again this Friday, details on the previous post below.

If you want to see more pics from the event there are recaps here and here.