renegade part 2

This was one of my favorite sights at Renegade-- right outside the entrance there was a little table set up with cupcakes and one of those Snoopy snow machines. My brother and I used to have one of these when I was growing up and I remember setting it up outside on hot days and selling flavored ices like lemonade.

There were lots of owls still around, but I just thought these guys made by Laura Alane were too cute. I bought some of her postcards with pics of these little sweeties on them.

Fern always reminds me of Danica.

Great to see Ork Posters and now they have t-shirts of their awesome city prints!

I don't have an ipod but if I did I would buy one of these ipod cases by Mr.Poncho.

Loved the jewelry by Brookadelphia.

This year there were some bad storms that went through during the fair, I know I complained about the heat, but I was lucky to have missed the rain!


comfies said...

now that's a compliment if i've ever heard one. have a wonderful, wonderful sunday, t. xo.

my love for you. said...

oh these pics make me really want to go to renegade! darn!

Christina said...

come back and visit SF in July!!

Always In Style said...

That Mr. Poncho is brilliant - thanks for posting I'm going to investigate!