stole these adorable 'ballons in love' from angela + ithyle.


Oh San Francisco...

how I love you.
Tara snapped this candy corn rock on the top of Bernal Hill.


moody new york night

You could feel the storm coming all day, it could be seen looming behind dark clouds miles away. But it was also warm and humid out, reminding me of sticky Jersey summers. Oh weird East coast weather how I miss you. Thunder storms are expected tonight. I hope the crackle of lightening wakes me in the middle of the night, it's been ages since I've experienced that.


ugly thing

Love this video Angel styled (and posted). I even recognize a person or two in there.


well hello fall.

Back East for a short trip and loving the signs of Fall we never get on the West Coast.
This morning I walked through the town where I grew up. I hadn't been back in ages and it was pretty fantastic to walk around in the early morning and explore.

Off to New York tomorrow!


Liza Donnelly

Some cartoons from Liza Donnelly's new book I'm working on called When Do They Serve the Wine?



My view coming out of the muni tunnel on the way to work this morning. Really? I live here?


oh what a glorious morning

the sky was glowing when i left the house today and i lost my breath for a second when i looked up and saw how beautiful the clouds looked, pink and still glowing from the sunrise.

a lot of people noticed how gorgeous the sky looked this morning and a lot of people were smart enough to take photos. someone created a gallery on flickr collecting some of these shots, check it out here.

photo by my friend Isaac.


Artist Crush: Benjamin Phillips

More art from Benjamin Phillips can be found here.
Via Poppy Talk.


For serious?

Looks like we're getting a few days of Summer! I swear I planned my day off on Wednesday before I knew this.. lucky me!


I had a great nights sleep and woke up feeling refreshed and ready for this Monday. The photo above captures how I'm feeling ... peaceful, dreamy, and well rested.

via Design Crush
via ffffound!


Craft Bar!

Craft Bar tonight at the Museum of Craft & Folk Art - I'll be there, will you?

Photo from the awesome Meighan of My Love For You... who will be teaching people how to make God's Eyes at MOCA this Thursday.



Luff! It's so close to my last name! If that was an 'O' instead of a 'U' I totally would buy this.

via Design Crush.
Print by Mike Oncley.

The Fast Pass Project

You might remember for the month of September I committed to taking a photo of my fast pass every day. I did this because it was the last month I would be using a paper fast pass, I've officially switched over to the Clipper Card. While the project was fun it definitely got a little annoying at times - many a night I would be heading to bed and then remember I hadn't taken a photo that day. And one day I completely forgot. But it's kind of fun to look back and see these photos, most of them a reminder of a highlight from the day. I like the idea of doing something like this daily, it's a neat twist on daily journaling. Hmmm... maybe I smell a new project coming.

1. My Last Fast Pass - 9/1/10, 2. WWBMD - 9/2/10, 3. Jack & Fast Pass - 9/3/10, 4. Waiting for the 33 - 9/4/10, 5. On the 37 - 9/5/10, 6. Photo booth - 9/6/10, 7. Nighty Night - 9/7/10, 8. Favorite Snack - 9/8/10, 9. On the 14 - 9/9/10, 10. Warakubune - 9/10/10, 11. Dolores - 9/12/10, 12. Iron Alley - 9/11/10, 13. Laundry Day - 9/13/10, 14. Pomelo - 9/16/10, 15. Drinks & Dinner in Japantown - 9/15/10, 16. Dinner with Aunt Maureen - 9/14/10, 17. Louis C.K. - 9/17/10, 18. Dolby Theater - 9/18/10, 19. Waiting for the 24 - 9/19/10, 20. Miniatures running from the Fast Pass - 9/20/10, 21. Cloud Cult - 9/21/10, 22. Dinner with JJ - 9/22/10, 23. Russian River - 9/26/10, 24. Miette - 9/23/10, 25. Jasmine Garden - 9/25/10, 26. Whatever - 9/27/10, 27. Al's Park - 9/28/10, 28. Secession Window - 9/29/10, 29. The End! - 9/30/10 30. Not available


Fast Pass Love

One of the designers I work with did a great job articulating exactly how I feel about switching over from paper Fast Passes to the Clipper Card. Read it here.

cute kittens, a feast, and some amazing ladies

Could you just die at the cuteness of those kitties??


...fight for your right...

Sometimes I still get excited about being an adult. You would think at 34 I would have gotten over the thrill of being a grown up. But once in a while I think about how funny it is that I can stay up as late as I want, decide when I want to wash the dishes, and watch TV for hours on end if that's what I feel like doing. It's a funny thing because a lot of days I still feel like a big kid. I'm thinking about this because tonight we had ice cream before dinner and it was one of those times when I thought about how much fun it is to be an adult.

Rebecca and Scott are visiting from Arizona and I was lucky enough to see them for a bit. Rebecca has always appreciated the sweets (even without a baby growing in her belly) and before she even asked me about the new ice cream place that started with an H I had already thought about how she would like Humphry Slocombe. It was pretty delicious and the place was packed for a Sunday night. After ice cream we went out for some sushi. I highly recommend dessert before dinner especially on a Sunday night when Monday looms ahead.

In case you missed my not-so-subtle post title it was inspired by this song.


i want to go to there

Thanks to Nancy for sending me this link to a sweet little dinner party Jordan of Oh Happy Day organized under the Golden Gate Bridge. How amazing does this look? She did a second post with instructions on how to do it yourself.