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Sometimes I still get excited about being an adult. You would think at 34 I would have gotten over the thrill of being a grown up. But once in a while I think about how funny it is that I can stay up as late as I want, decide when I want to wash the dishes, and watch TV for hours on end if that's what I feel like doing. It's a funny thing because a lot of days I still feel like a big kid. I'm thinking about this because tonight we had ice cream before dinner and it was one of those times when I thought about how much fun it is to be an adult.

Rebecca and Scott are visiting from Arizona and I was lucky enough to see them for a bit. Rebecca has always appreciated the sweets (even without a baby growing in her belly) and before she even asked me about the new ice cream place that started with an H I had already thought about how she would like Humphry Slocombe. It was pretty delicious and the place was packed for a Sunday night. After ice cream we went out for some sushi. I highly recommend dessert before dinner especially on a Sunday night when Monday looms ahead.

In case you missed my not-so-subtle post title it was inspired by this song.

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molly said...

but of course they're ice cream works before dinner, right?