oh what a glorious morning

the sky was glowing when i left the house today and i lost my breath for a second when i looked up and saw how beautiful the clouds looked, pink and still glowing from the sunrise.

a lot of people noticed how gorgeous the sky looked this morning and a lot of people were smart enough to take photos. someone created a gallery on flickr collecting some of these shots, check it out here.

photo by my friend Isaac.


comfies said...

omg, thanks for this. i saw it for a little while, but i love that other people took the time to really capture it. people are cool.

Christina said...

aren't they though? it was pretty neat to go on flickr and see so many different contacts with photos of the sky this morning.

acute angle said...

yes! The clouds were like this yesterday morning too! I didn't have time to snap a picture! I'm glad other people did. I'm going to repost this!!

molly said...

yes, yes, i felt the same way... i really noticed the clouds yesterday more than any other day. it was a fairly surreal experience, wondering if i was still dreaming... i guess a whole flickr file tells me i wasn't.