i heart surprises

You might remember me posting about this map a couple of weeks ago. I post things I love all the time and with my Pinterest obsession it's hard to remember all of the things I covet on the internets. So imagine my surprise when I walked into my kitchen last night to say hello to my boyfriend, who had just come over and was making himself dinner, to see this map hanging casually on my door, just like it had always been there. I think I might have squealed, maybe. Best surprise ever. Well this one was pretty amazing too.

Now that I own one of these beauties I can tell you it's even nicer in real life - so head here to get your very own, of any state you fancy.


Morning on Twin Peaks

More ipod photo fun - the tilt shift app. Shot this while waiting for the bus this morning.


Sweet Ride

This is the shot of this car I've been trying to get right with my plastic cameras for a while now. I love my ipod for making this happen. Although the car is actually pink and I'd still like to capture that. Maybe I'll do a series where I take the same shot with my Holga or Diana as I do with my ipod. That might be a fun project.


Yashica again.. .

I've posted about this amazing camera a few times before. But I swear every time I get a roll of film developed that I shoot with my Yashica Mat I fall in love with it more. I wish I could take some credit but I think the majority of the magic that happens in these shots has everything to do with the camera.


oh no.

I still love film. And I still kind of hate how easy it is to get a photo to look like this with an ipod/iphone. But now that I have one I can kind of see the fun in it. So I'll still be taking photos with film but I'll also be playing around with my new toy a lot despite what I may or may not have said about digital photos like this. Cake!


Modern Log Cabin Quilting

By now you've probably seen Susan Beal's beautiful new book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting. I was so happy to receive my copy, not only are her projects beautiful and detailed the book itself is so pretty and well designed.

I love that the book has a nice range of projects and explains the basics of quilting, which for a non-quilter like me is important. Susan makes quilting seem approachable and easy. I can not wait to pick a project and start sewing. Of course when that will happen with the new job I'm not so sure...

But for now I can flip through Susan's lovely book and dig through the nice big box of fabric Jennifer Paganelli sent me and fantasize about the possibilities.


it's true.

via lots of links that led me here.


Obsessed with Pinning.

Have you discovered the wonders of Pinterest yet? I'm afraid I'm a little addicted. I just love the idea of being able to create these inspiration boards and keep them online in one nice place. And don't they all look so lovely together?
Is it a good thing or bad thing that I've bought several things from my Wear It board already? Is Pinterest making me more of a consumer? Hmmm... Perhaps. But it's also providing a great space for me to store craft ideas, art and photo inspiration, and recipes. I use the recipes board as sort of a recipe box. And it works. Tonight I made this. See the nice light green color in that smoothie? Here's how mine came out...
Ok, my fault, I added a tablespoon of Spirulina instead of the teaspoon the recipe called for. Oops. It wasn't as pretty or as tasty as I bet it was supposed to be but on the plus side I have tons of energy right now. Time for more pinning!


i promise...

There are so many things we want to do. Things we want to get better at, things we want to do more or less of... (exercise/drink). There are things we talk about, and dream about, and hope to some day actually make a reality. With our day to day and our old habits it's hard to get there sometimes. To make the stuff we talk about our reality. It's hard. But when we do it it always feels so satisfying.

I think about this sometimes. How I should do more of the things that I know will make me happy even if it takes me out of my comfort zone or makes me get off the couch when all I want to do is stay there.

Which is why I love the project Tara is working on, it's called 'I Promise'. And it's all about making promises to ourselves and to others and actually committing to keeping them, or trying our best to keep them. Who knows how many people will actually keep the promises they write down - but writing them down seems to be a pretty good start.

You can read promises people sent in to Tara here. The photos in this post were taken from Tara's 'A House Full of Promises'. And you can post your promise here. It won't hurt, I promise.


Dirty Diana

Some favorites from a recent roll of film taken with my Diana.



a mini conundrum

I love this piece created by Elaine Elwick Barr. She calls it 'Gulf Gold-A Miniature Conundrum'. And it's available in her Etsy Shop.

The inspiration for the piece In her words:
One day I was watching a program called After Humans. It showed what would happen to the earth and all of our manmadeness, if there were no longer any humans to look after it. Gradually everything breaks down and is taken back by nature. That's where the Conundrums come from. Gulf Gold is a little bittle statement of the vast riches that come from our dependance on oil, and how the 'man' is cleaning up. This metal barrel stands just over 1 1/2 inches tall and features sterling silver glass glitter, that will continue to tarnish over time.


I want to go to there

My time in LA was ridiculously short. And I promised myself I would return some time this year for a longer visit. Seeing these photos from the Griffith Observatory makes me wish I was going this weekend.

All photos via I Art U.


birthday week!

I used to get a lot more excited about my birthday. As I've gotten older I'm less prone to let everyone know it's my birthday month. But this morning I woke up and thought - hey it's officially the start of my birthday week! And I went ahead and bought myself a dress I've been eyeing for a little while now, this lovely Newsom dress by She-Bible, I got it in olive. I also splurged on an awesome leather belt to go with it. The best part? One of the owners of She-Bible and I got to talking and it turns out it's her birthday month too, and she was sweet enough to give me a little discount for my birthday. I love buying directly from designers and I love birthday weeks.


Kristin McIver

Loving the playfulness and whimsy of Kristin McIver's work.

Kristin's blog.


How To Steal Like An Artist

Full post/article here.

Happy Birthday Mom

How lucky I was to get you as my Mom. xo