birthday week!

I used to get a lot more excited about my birthday. As I've gotten older I'm less prone to let everyone know it's my birthday month. But this morning I woke up and thought - hey it's officially the start of my birthday week! And I went ahead and bought myself a dress I've been eyeing for a little while now, this lovely Newsom dress by She-Bible, I got it in olive. I also splurged on an awesome leather belt to go with it. The best part? One of the owners of She-Bible and I got to talking and it turns out it's her birthday month too, and she was sweet enough to give me a little discount for my birthday. I love buying directly from designers and I love birthday weeks.

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molly said...

and that model works at tartine! i just talked to her in bi rite the other night. talk about local action!

(the dress is gorgeous, birthday girl! good for you!)