i promise...

There are so many things we want to do. Things we want to get better at, things we want to do more or less of... (exercise/drink). There are things we talk about, and dream about, and hope to some day actually make a reality. With our day to day and our old habits it's hard to get there sometimes. To make the stuff we talk about our reality. It's hard. But when we do it it always feels so satisfying.

I think about this sometimes. How I should do more of the things that I know will make me happy even if it takes me out of my comfort zone or makes me get off the couch when all I want to do is stay there.

Which is why I love the project Tara is working on, it's called 'I Promise'. And it's all about making promises to ourselves and to others and actually committing to keeping them, or trying our best to keep them. Who knows how many people will actually keep the promises they write down - but writing them down seems to be a pretty good start.

You can read promises people sent in to Tara here. The photos in this post were taken from Tara's 'A House Full of Promises'. And you can post your promise here. It won't hurt, I promise.

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