home again

In 11 days we slept in 5 cities, rode in 6 planes, 2 trains, and many cars. We sipped bourbon, drank lots of champers, watched 30 inches of snow fall and got stuck in Chicago on the way home. And I would totally do it all over again.


happy happy

As Chip said "see you on the other side" (of the holidays that is).

flask found here.
ninja bread men here via hither and tither.


holiday party times!

I'm kind of in love with our holiday card this year...
(It's much better viewed bigger so I would watch it on the You Tubes.)



Maybe it's the holidays, maybe it's the big trip I have coming up, but I've been feeling a little emotional this past week. So it didn't help when I heard Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah playing in the coffee shop this morning - I just about started bawling waiting in line. But I pulled it together and swore I wouldn't make myself listen to it when I got to work because I'd probably tear up all over again. But I'm listening to it now with dry eyes and thinking about how sometimes you just need to suck it up and let it go and enjoy what's here now because most of the time that's enough.


SFO-->MSP --> LEX --> ORD --> EWR --> SFO

One week until we take off for our whirlwind holiday trip. Over 10 days we’ll have a total of 6 flights, we’ll be staying in 4 cities, and we’ll be visiting with countless family members. Oh boy. We might need a vacation after our vacation.

Awesome photo by nikkiluvsf. Be sure to check out more of her beautiful photos on her flickr stream.


holiday wish list

really i don't need anything. but if you insist on getting me a gift feel free to check out my holiday wish list over at the work blog.

k, thanks!

awesome bears in dome by kg + ab.


Poster List

My walls are full but if I had a bigger apartment I would be all over this Poster List sale.



Whipping up some things for a little craft fair we're having at work this week. It's been a long time but it felt great to pull out the jewelry supplies and start making again.


More Yashica

Two of my favorite shots from the second roll with the Yashica, my new addiction.


Artist Crush: Rosie Geissler

like I know, I've posted about her before but seriously, I love every single thing this girl stitches.

Embroidery Typography