The Fast Pass Vanity Project

To be totally honest I think I was drunk when I decided to take a photo of my Fast Pass every day this month. If you don't live in San Francisco a Fast Pass is similar to New York's Metro Card - it allows you to ride the subways and buses unlimited for a set amount of money each month. So, maybe I was a little tipsy when I posted a photo on Flickr and announced I would be doing this project, but because I had announced it I felt compelled to follow through. At first it felt like a chore and I think the photos I took reflected that. But I have a little more enthusiasm for the project now. This is the last month I will be using a paper Fast Pass as I'm switching to the Clipper Card next month, so the project is sort of my tribute to paper Fast Passes that will eventually be a thing of the past.

This project has turned into a sort of daily journal for me and I'm excited to be able to look back and see the collage these photos create.

You can view the growing set here.

(Several people on Flickr have been eager to point out that the Fast Pass isn't completely going away until next year. I'm well aware of that fact but this is my project and my last month with a paper Fast Pass. Just in case anyone felt compelled to also point that out in the comments here.)


molly said...

you gotta ignore people that take the time to comment and correct you...

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