back in nyc

oh how i love this city, with it's stinky smells and trash piled up on the street and bright lights and that non-stop buzz. feels good to be back so soon and i am so grateful i missed the 100 degree weather! although 86 is still hot to me. i've got lots of meetings for work tomorrow and when i was telling i friend here i had no idea how i expected to get from uptown to downtown so many times in one day he offered to drive me to my meetings on his motorcycle. i can't even believe that i have a friend willing to tote me around all day and that i will be zipping up and down manhatten on a motorcycle tomorrow. i'll try to take pictures, although i'm a little scared.

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comfies said...

your job is the job to end all jobs. and your friend with his motorcycle is just icing on the cake.