all i need now is a ghost story

since i've been back in jersey there have been three thuderstorms. it's been such a treat, since we don't really get lightening and thunder out west. i love the crackle of the lightening brightening up the sky followed by a boom off in the distance. i love how you can tell the storm is coming and leaving by the time inbetween the sounds and lightening.

i'm at my mom's house alone right now, which is really nice, except that the power keeps shutting on and off. i'm ready with candles lit and my book. but i've also got a great view of the sky above the river where i'm sitting in my moms kitchen. there's a bottle of wine i've just opened and since i can't seem to stop checking work email i'm kind of grateful for this break. and even though it's a little creepy, i kind of hope the power shuts off again.


molly said...

i love that at first glance, the cover of the book looks like you're reading scary stories...and then you see it's david sedaris' new novel. looks awesome there. you just transported me for a minute, thank you.

comfies said...

thunder storms. i'm jealous.