renegade part 1

As I mentioned it was pretty sweltering on Saturday at Renegade, it probably didn't help that I had been lugging around a giant suitcase on my way to the park, thank goodness for the nice ladies who let me stow it away at the entrance so I could walk around the fair with free hands.

There was a lot of the same at Renegade, but I didn't really care that I had seen a lot of it before, it was so nice to be in such a massive space just packed with crafty folk who had taken such care setting up their displays plus there's something really nice about seeing familiar faces- that's how this community builds itself, no?

I'm a huge fan of Heidi from My Paper Crane and it was so cool to see all of her new forest creatures after reading about them on her blog and seeing them through all of their incarnations. I want one of those tree stumps.

I was really charmed by these wooden bookmarks with different sayings and images printed on them. I especially loved the ones that said 'read books not blogs'. It felt a little funny when I asked if I could take a picture, "What for?" the girl selling them asked. "My blog" I dorkily answered. You can see more of her great stuff at Beacon Bookmarks, she gave me a pencil as well that I think I may have to hand over to Molly when I get back to SF.

Craft Stylish also had a booth at renegade and it was so cool to see the cover giant size with my necklace on it! The issue is out now and you can pick it up at any Borders and Barnes & Noble, I'm so excited to be in this issue!

There's Nikki and Laurel hanging out in the booth.

I didn't get this person's name, but I loved the big fabric canvasses she was selling and I liked how she looked in the background with her umbrella shading her from the heat.

More soon!


tara said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I'm really jealous of everyone who got to go to the renegade craft fair!

molly said...

gads, the heat!!
i love those bookmarks and just said to ian the other night, remember when bookmarks were all the rage? i miss them. and, you know i want that pencil!

molly said...

i think it's so "classic" that you can tell which one is in NYC because of all the construction!

comfies said...

i love that faces become familiar over time in the crafting community. and so fun to see renegade through your eyes...