Beading and inspiration

I was inspired to load up my Etsy shop today after I had a ton of traffic and some sales last week. It took me a while to figure out why I had so much traffic to my shop and after asking some people who had bought things I discovered a pair of my bird earrings had been featured on the main page. It's been interesting seeing what works on Etsy and what doesn't. I did a few showcase spots, and while it resulted in new people favoriting my shop it didn't result in sales. What it did do was get the attention of someone who then picked my yellow birds as one of their favorites that ended up on the main page. I think getting featured on that main page can't be controlled, but if I hadn't bought a showcase spot I wouldn't have ended up there- so I guess it was worth it!

Also inspiring me is Susan Beal's fabulous new beading book, Bead Simple. Bead Simple offers up not only great project ideas but has basic techniques for anyone just starting out. And I just love the range of projects Susan features from some of my favorite designers and crafters. Susan's probably one of the busiest crafty ladies I know, on top of doing all her amazing crafty things she just had a baby girl who I'm certain will be just as crafty and smart as her Mama.

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