Hair Candy

I really don't do this often, because i think it's kind of weird to post pictures of myself on here. Why? I don't know after all blogs are sort of self-centered things aren't they? I'm just so excited about my new haircut, and I have a girl crush on my bad ass hair stylist, Dionne. I just have such a good time getting my hair cut by her, I can talk to her about 80's metal, she's funny, and most importantly she somehow gets me enough (just after two visits very spaced apart) to give me one of the greatest haircuts I think I've ever gotten. It sort of feels like I'm wearing a wig. But I love it. If you need a good cut go to Hair Candy and ask for Dionne. She's awesome. Look at what she did to me!

Also a note about Hair Candy, it's just the cutest little flat converted into a hair salon. Lots of great colors and decor, it feels like an old fashioned parlor all updated-like.

Thanks for letting me indulge!

*Also I'm linking to Yelp only because Hair Candy doesn't have a website- Yelp reviwers are a little harsh and long winded if you ask me*


Natalie said...

Oooh love the new haircut!!

billy girl said...

Um, hello there sass-master 2008!!! Super-Duper do!!! And a new haircut is like nothing else, agreed. Miss you T, and can't wait to touch that hair! oxoxoxoxsar