On Repeat: Cloud Cult

Since our road trip I can't stop listening to Cloud Cult. I had never heard them before and I think I found one of my favorite new (to me) bands.

They'll be in San Francisco in September and I can't wait to see them play live.


comfies said...

ohhhhh i love it.

Christina said...

d they are so good! rick played them for me on our trip and i can't stop listening. i think you would love them. and there's a great documentary about them you should see.

molly said...

gads, i love this song and this video.
i just listened to a bit more on youtube. thought i might just buy tickets, but i think we're out of town then.
thanks for the intro!

Christina said...

oh too bad! rick and i will be there and i can't wait to see them play. you would really love them, i kind of can't get enough of them right now.