Something New

I started a new blog. It's over here. And it's all about reading. Kind of. I'll still be posting random thoughts and things I love here!


food like mom used to make

This weekend we had a little get together where we all brought food from our childhood. It was a fun night and a great way to do a pot luck - which usually causes some stress. I loved all of the rich, unhealthy food we ate which included spinach dip with fritos, chips & french onion dip (made with liptons soup mix), some sort of amazing cream cheese log roll wrapped in dough, hot dogs, baked beans, eggplant parm, and grilled cheese made with kraft american cheese & wonder bread.


Another Adorable Plant Project

I guess I have succulents on the brain lately. Saw this sweet project over on Mod Podge Rocks and just love the idea.

Full tutorial can be found on What Lauren Loves.


Plant Bombing

What a great idea. Via Tree Hugger.


How To Make a Fabric Chandelier

One of the things I am working on in my new job is a series of video tutorials. This is a pretty low budget operation and we're shooting everything with a flip camera. The videos are getting better, because Polly and I are learning as we go, but I've definitely had my eye out for other craft tutorial videos. This one from 100 Layer Cake is beautiful. It makes an intimidating project look easy. I don't need a fabric chandelier but this video makes me want to create one.

DIY Fabric Chandelier from 100 Layer Cake on Vimeo.



Stole this from Design Crush (who always manages to post poignant quotes I love).

Reminds me of my dear friend Sellers who first told me about Pema. Also reminds me that I have her book on my nightstand which I still need to read.


Peanut Butter Pie for Mikey

This post makes me want to make peanut butter pie. It also breaks my heart and makes me wonder if we ever realize what we have before it's gone. I hope so. I hope so much so.

Dozens of peanut butter pie recipes here.

Happy Monday

After a long, sweet weekend today might be a little rough. But the summer-like weather here in SF will make things a little more bearable.


No-Sew Applique

I've been having great fun shooting a series of craft videos with the lovely Polly Conway. This latest one may just be my favorite so far. Check it out, spread the word, and let me know what you think! We're not video experts and we're mostly experimenting so we're completely open to suggestions.

Check out the full instructions for this project on Wikia Easy Crafts.



After attending and speaking at CCE this weekend I was reminded how inspiring and motivating conferences can be. I need to get out there more to recharge and motivate myself.

This conference called The Do Lectures looks amazing - too bad it's so spency to attend...

Do Lectures Trailer from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

via SwissMiss.