home cooked

tonight we went to the home of some editors from the New Orleans Times-Picayune for a dinner party. we'll be publishing a cookbook with the Times-Picayune out this fall called 'Cooking up a Storm' which is full of classic new orleans recipes. there home was wonderful, they were so genuinely welcoming and kind, and the food was amazing.

the menu:
cheese spread and mini Natchidoches meat pies
salad with Bon Ton's salad dressing
marinated green beans
a brown and a red jambalaya (one w/seafood & tomatoes & ham, one w/chicken & sausage)
Hummingbird cake and frozen Creole cream cheese. and pralines.

it was delicious and the back drop of their beautiful home and backyard made it one of the best meals i've had in a long while.


amy said...

you are killing me here. killing. me.

Rebecca said...

Really? I'm so jealous.