i'm here!

i'm thinking about making a come back here. it's been a while since i last posted and i shut down the blog (well on and off) because this space just has so much history for me and i kind of don't want people to have access to all of it. but, after thinking long and hard about starting a new blog i kind of came to the conclusion that it made sense to just start up on here again. why not? it's comfy in here, i've spent a lot of time building this place, it doesn't feel right to abandon it for good. and all that stuff i don't want people to read- well i'm just gonna let go and think of those stories as tattoos i don't regret getting, inspired by this great article written by Joshua Mohr.

that photo up there is one of the many i've taken in the last few months. i've gotten a little carried away with my holga and diana, so expect to see a lot more photos on here.

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