Mornings in Yerba Buena

I've started walking through Yerba Buena Park in the mornings on my way to work. I'm loving the little calm it offers me before my work day starts. There are people spread out all over the park meditating and praying, most of them older and Asian and I'm sure this is some sort of ritual to their day. There's also several groups of people dancing with fans. It kind of fascinates me. How do they know to meet here? Do they bring the fans or is someone leading this? And how long does it last? I've been wanting to take some photos since I first saw them but it's always felt a little disrespectful. Last week I couldn't resist and I'm so happy I captured these two moments.

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Sandy said...

That would make me so happy if I was able to see something similar on my way to work. Does it ever make you want to go a bit earlier to see what they are doing? Or what sort of group they belong to?