busy time.

I know, I haven't been posting a whole lot lately. It's been eating away at me, but between making stuff for craft fairs, writing for sfist, working full time and trying to keep a little bit of a social life I've been stretched a little thin this month. I've got some good stories I can't wait to share. But for now you'll have to just take these pictures from one of my fairs this week-end. Check out the bags I'm making out of reclaimed billboard material. Two fairs left this week-end in the East Bay at the Crucible and then I'm done!! After that I'm off to jersey & new york to see some friends and family. Oh the mini stuff pictured here are things I bought for snow globes I plan on making. And if you want to make your own snow globe check out sfist.com later today, as I wrote up an instructional piece on how to do it.

Some amazing handmade doll creatures:

Eden's jewelry with some paintings by Hillary on the wall:

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