snow globes.

It's crafting month. On top of all of my fairs this season, I'm also going to be writing a craft column for sfist.com from now on. Look for it there on Tuesdays. Really I should be writing it right now, but I'm too busy playing with all the things I bought on the way home for a new project I'm trying out. I've been wanting to make snow globes for a while now, ever since I saw the director at my old non-profit job make them for every one in her family one year. I thought it was a genius idea, and I'm not surprised it's been popping up all over the place. It seems easy enough, although really I can't tell you because I haven't tried it yet. After having a drink with Sarah I stopped by Pearl. They still don't have my damn mini birds I need for earrings, but they do have an entire section of dollhouse figurines, trees, furniture, food, you name it. I felt a little weird being in that section of the store, like it was taking some serious points away from my hipness level. But I guess I stopped really worrying about that stuff a while ago. I spent a long time there, I mean everything is mini-- I couldn't get over it, mini soda cans with real labels, little metal singer sewing machines (of which I bought three), and mini people. If I was self conscious in picking the mini things out I felt even weirder when the cute check out boy, probably a sophomore at the Art Academy, was ringing up my items, 'mini people walking, mini farm animals, mini evergreens, three mini sewing machines and plastic swans'. When he asked the standard, "Are you a teacher or a student?" I wanted to respond, "No, just a weird lady who doesn't have a dollhouse but really likes tiny things, want a mini-coke?" But I just shook my head, maybe feeling sorry for me, he gave me the discount anyway. It was sort of horrifying having to go back in the store once I looked at the receipt and noticed he rang up my 'mini people walking' twice. "You rang one of my items up twice."
"Oh, sorry, which one?"
"My set of mini people."
That's a long way of telling you I'm just thrilled to be making some snow globes, snowy (or glittery) domes for all my little animals and people. OK, maybe I am a little weird. I'll let you know how it goes. Actually, if all goes well I'm going to photo document it and make it my column for next Tuesday. Speaking of- I should hop to it.


jj said...

i've always wanted to do that too! let me know how it goes... maybe i'll learn from your mistakes! :)

t. said...

for sure, once i get it down we should have a snow globe making party.

mewannabe said...

i have to do this. thanks for the good idea... xmas presents galore!