the birdies are back!

i had a fit of making this weekend and it felt pretty good. my little birdy earrings have been on a bit of a hiatus but i'm happy to say i brought a whole flock over to Candy Store yesterday, i also brought some of my duct tape wallets by... they've been sitting around waiting to go somewhere for a while now.

Jennifer kept me company while i worked on earrings and we had such a nice long day, going from my house to her house and back again to my house. it kind of felt like we were little kids on summer break. i made her this little pillow stuffed with some really fresh lavendar, it has cats on it because she has lots of them. i also found out that Jack really likes the smell of lavendar.

and speaking of Jack he's starring in a journal we're publishing at work! i won't tell you anymore than that but i will tell you how i felt like the craziest cat lady ever when i saw it today, thank goodness for my equally crazy cat lady co-workers who were just as excited when they saw their cats in the journal.

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comfies said...

oh my goodness, such adorableness. love that wallet, love the earrings.