gray 1 also grey (grā) Pronunciation Key
adj. gray·er also grey·er, gray·est also grey·est
Of or relating to an achromatic color of any lightness between the extremes of black and white.
Dull or dark: a gray, rainy afternoon.
Lacking in cheer; gloomy: a gray mood.
Having gray hair; hoary.
Old or venerable.
Intermediate in character or position, as with regard to a subjective matter: the gray area between their differing opinions on the film's morality.


Kate Neckel said...

Hey Christina...Thanks for your comments! Hope the grey turns into sunshine soon...The owl pic is great!

molly said...

t, feeling a little blu? it'll be sunny soon. or, we all move to LA!

Christina said...

oh no! not blue at all. i actually really loved the gray day we had yesterday. i just had an argument with myself about how the word gray is spelled and when i looked it up the definition was too lovely not to post. but a visit to sunny LA would be fantastic!

jennifer said...

grey. definitely.