You want this art.

What you're looking at are some of my very favorite pieces of art hanging in my room. The three collaged beauties were all created by my good friend and amazing artist, Molly Meng. Besides just getting all exhibitionist with my walls this week, I thought this was a good way to let you know that Molly has a show this Thursday at the Candy Store. There will be pink champagne and cupcakes, but really you should come for the art. Some of my favorite days these last couple of weeks have been spent visiting Molly in her studio. Not only have I gotten a sneak peak (how much is that one? I want that one!) but it's so neat to see all the very hard work and energy she's putting into this show. If you're in SF, I wouldn't miss this one! Plus, she's probably one of the most modest, down-to-earth, friendly people you'll ever meet, and I'm not just saying that.

To check out more of Molly's work visit her website.
You can also read an interview I did with Molly here.


comfies said...

my, what pretty walls you have....

molly said...

i love how it looks like an fabulous great old hotel room, or something you just know you wanna get into. i credit those amazing red walls, dude.