the tv hole

i know it is so lame to not blog for a week and then blog about TV. for the record i've actually been outside a lot lately, had a lovely bbq in the east bay friday night and than spent saturday at Lake Temescal which i think is one of my new favorite places to be. had i taken pretty pictures of all of that i would have posted them here for you. but sometimes i don't carry my camera around on purpose.

and yesterday, since i had spent so much time outside all weekend i thought it was totally ok to get lost in a big black tv hole. there was a marathon on AMC of Mad Men, which if you haven't seen i sort of order you to put on your netflix queue or watch on demand, or whatever you do. it's a fantastic show that will totally transport you and the sets and costume and acting.. all so good. the women are complex and interesting and varied in size! Jezebel did a nice little recap of the women in the show which you can read here. my favorite is Christina Hendricks who plays the curvy and impeccably styled Joan- i want all of her clothes!


nancy said...

yes yes yes! i watched the whole series on demand in about two days. Joan is divine- her attitude, her hair, her gorgeous skin, her fabulous outfits! it is all so compelling.

SisterDG said...

OMG - what a gorgeous show! I watched clips on the website, and really must have a good binge one day soon. Oh, the clothes!