best thing that came in my inbox all day.

Nothing like a little Dolly (and Amy Sedaris!) at the end of a long tiring Monday to cheer you up a bit.

Better get to livin'!


a sneak peek!

Much of this weekend was spent with Andrew brainstorming for the next stop action movie we're making for this book. We're doing the movie in the same format as the Softie's movie, with a little more of a story line this time. Jessica and I spent yesterday afternoon making costumes for the Peeps. I can't really begin to tell you how comical it is discussing in great detail how best to keep a Peeps sugar from falling off on the set, or deliberating over the right colors to compliment a Peeps 'skin tone'. I won't tell you what the movie will be based on.. but maybe you can guess from some of the pictures! Stay tuned. The final should be done by the end of the month, I'll post it here as soon as it's ready!

Jesse working her Peeps costume magic.

You shouldn't mess with a smoking mohawked Peep.

One of Andrew's awesome sets.


the morning after.

i wasn't there long, but the anti-valentine's day party i went to last night featured love themed food or anti-love food i guess. if i had an actual camera i would have taken more shots (another reason to get an iphone??). these are two of my favorites. what you're looking at above is a heart made from meatloaf (the darker area) and mashed potatoes. the red is a beet sauce. it was called 'eat your heart out'.

i'm not sure what the bullet was in this lasagna heart, maybe a battery? looked great and how can you go wrong basing a dish on a Bon Jovi song? we left before all of the food dishes were judged, so i didn't try any, but it was fun just looking.


These things made my day.

The poem Danica just posted on her blog.

The one person I talked to today who had a brillant sense of humor and made me laugh, I could feel my mood lighten as I read her emails.

The fact that I believe the weather is beautiful outside again today even though I haven't been outdoors since 8am.

And this witty, beautiful, wry letter from the creator of A Softer World. I know I should probably ask before I repost these sorts of things, but this, this is just too good to not share right away. In exchange please be sure to vist the site and maybe buy some of their stuff. This isn't the first time they've lifted my mood, maybe it's just the state I'm in today, but hopefully you think it's as great as I do.

To: Human Resources, Armdale Tea Room
Re: Dishwasher (Casual)

I am writing to apply for the position of "Dishwasher (Casual)" because, let's face it, dishwashing isn't a career. I'm not going to sit up all night and worry about the stats on my quarterly dishwashing report. I want to show up for my shift, wash gross half-eaten food off plates for a few hours, and then go home. It sounds like the sort of job that I don't even need to think about while I'm doing it. I can think about weird sex things or about what if zombies were racist, would they not eat you if they hated the colour of your skin? Would you be safe? Or would they eat you out of spite? I need to make a few extra dollars to pay rent, to buy groceries. I don't want to have to care what your company stands for, or try and make myself sound like some kind of inhuman perfect employee.

It's like meeting girls. A relationship is just another kind of job, isn't it. In the beginning you pretend to be that perfect employee. You lie in the interview and then you do your best for a while. You never step out of line. You always wait until you go home to use the bathroom if it's number two. You shave and brush your teeth every day. When you're kissing you never pull out the pen and write "whore" on her body unexpectedly. You behave. But how long can that go on before you start going crazy? You have to be yourself. That's why it's called being yourself.

And soon you start slipping up. You think, "Oh, I'll just use the bathroom a little bit. Just a bit of a number two, to hold me over until I get home." You start chewing gum just before you see her, because you forgot to brush today. You find yourself writing, "who" on her confused face, and you scramble for a weak explanation. "Oh, I just didn't want to forget to look something up, later. Who, uh... Who played the girl in The Apartment? Was it Shirley MacLaine?"

In the end it never works out. You are who you are, no matter what you pretend at the beginning. So I'm not pretending. I drink to ignore my problems. I spend more time with my computer than with my friends. I don't have a very good relationship with women. I am angry and lonely, but I can wash dishes just fine. I'm being honest. Please don't be an asshole about this.

Joey Comeau


love bites.

I did a round up of my favorite Etsy Valentine's over on the work blog today. You can read it here. How awesome are these rock ones??


early valentine.

another photo from Chris. a favorite poem from my wall.


You want this art.

What you're looking at are some of my very favorite pieces of art hanging in my room. The three collaged beauties were all created by my good friend and amazing artist, Molly Meng. Besides just getting all exhibitionist with my walls this week, I thought this was a good way to let you know that Molly has a show this Thursday at the Candy Store. There will be pink champagne and cupcakes, but really you should come for the art. Some of my favorite days these last couple of weeks have been spent visiting Molly in her studio. Not only have I gotten a sneak peak (how much is that one? I want that one!) but it's so neat to see all the very hard work and energy she's putting into this show. If you're in SF, I wouldn't miss this one! Plus, she's probably one of the most modest, down-to-earth, friendly people you'll ever meet, and I'm not just saying that.

To check out more of Molly's work visit her website.
You can also read an interview I did with Molly here.

don't forget..

I hope it's OK that I stole this lovely reminder from SFgirlbybay, I thought she would approve in the name of civic duty. Should I tell you how bummed I was when I went to vote today and realized I'm still registered GREEN. I swore I had changed that, I really really did. But alas, I couldn't vote for any Democratic nominee. Of course I still voted for Propositions here in CA, but you know I wanted to cast my ballot in this very exciting presenditial race too. I think we're ready for change here, and I hope you're taking part in the process today, no matter how you're registered.


My craft room.

Back in December Chris came over with her fancy camera and took photos in my craft room while I worked on some earrings. I knew she was excited to be using her new snazzy camera but I had no idea the pictures would come out so pretty. I mean my space feels like one big cluttered mess most days. But she took some detail photos of my very favorite things, and I guess I forgot what a great photographer she is. she just gave me all the photos today, and I thought, why not share some shots from my craft room with you all? So excuse me while I indulge in some of my favorite crevices and corners of my craft space.

Thanks to Chris Sellers for indulging me and taking so many great photos. You can check out more of her photos here.