heat and ice cream make everything better

i had a silly day. the kind of day where you feel a little like a punching bag and all you can do is just sort of laugh about it. but the weather in san francisco right now is beautiful, it feels like east coast summer. the gorgeous weather canceled out my silly day. i met up with a great friend, we had a lovely dinner and than walked to Maggie Mudd in Bernal Heights. there's nothing like walking a good long distance in the heat on a summer like night for ice cream. it was delightful. and in honor of my night here are some adorable ice cream etsy finds!
(poloroid transfer above by etsy seller shehitpausestudios.

ice cream soap by etsy seller LoveLeeSoaps.

little ice cream hand stamp by etsy seller hola.

cupcake misses ice cream card by etsy seller fuzzygrapefruit.

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billy girl said...

you my dear, are as refreshing and deliciously divine as ice cream and cute as a cupcake. yum, sar