i'll have a dirty pig please

i'm cutting out sweets and alcohol for two weeks staring today. which is maybe why all week what i noticed most on the blogs i read were the things i wanted to eat....

the cake above is not just a chocolate cake it's a bacon chocolate cake with salted caramel and when i start eating chocolate again it may be the first thing i request. too bad the creator of this cake is in brooklyn. i saw this beauty on the blog a baker in brooklyn who made some stenciled cookies for Ed's book release party in January. i've had those chocolate bars with bacon before, and while they're good, i can only imagine this is a thousand times better. i mean real bacon in a three layer chocolate cake. oh. my. goodness. and he's named it the Dirty Pig!

and will you have a look at these strawberries? i spied them over on the small object. Sarah calls them double chocolate dipped strawberries + dirt and she made them with fresh strawberries, semi-sweet morsels, and dark chocolate. yum.

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Peter McDowell said...

I was given the Dirty Pig Cake for my birthday yesterday! Peter (Brooklyn)