Holga Summer

I'm so happy with how this roll of film turned out. When you use a plastic camera it's easy to snap shots off and feel like your camera is a toy. I tried to be more thoughtful with this roll. Instead of shooting 12 shots off in a day or two I stretched it out and really considered each shot.

This may be my favorite roll to date. This is also the first time I had the photo lab scan my negatives instead of just getting prints and the difference in quality (usually I scan the prints myself) is remarkable.

We don't really get summer here, but I feel like I was able to capture some of summer in these photos.

The rest of the roll can be seen here.


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Big love.

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billy girl said...

these pics are indeed cinema. Pure dreamy. xox

Pyramid said...

i really like the one with the grass and the bridge. stunning.