happiness project

i tried embedding this awesome video from ohSanFran but i'm having technical difficluties so you'll just have to trust me that it's worth clicking over to watch it.

ohSanFran is up to some clever and inspiring stuff, here's a little on their swing project which the video above features:

"Inspired by Paris artist, Jerome G. Dermuth, we've taken on 7 (more to follow) swing installation in San Francisco as part of an ongoing Happiness Project aimed at loss of youth. The short video shows the installation, scouting, and lots of footage of randoms using the swings with complete and utter joy as they relent to a push and some wind in their hair. Watch it through. The joy as this autistic kid's father's face as he gets on a swing for the first time in 40 years is our parting shot. It's pure and simple bliss that's sadly been long ignored and forgotten."

via Wooster Collective.

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