the party dress.

I worked through my blue mood yesterday with a little shopping therapy. You're looking at the holiday party dress I finally decided on. I love that I call it a 'holiday dress' to justify the purchase. After trying it on in a store two weeks ago I told myself if I was still thinking about it the next day I would get it. Well Karl told me that and I listened to him. So when I saw it on sale at ModCloth for a limited time I considered it fate and purchased right away. Makes sense, right? Sure.

I may need some 'holiday shoes' to go with it.


Hannah said...

Super cute, Teenie! That "holiday" dress is going to look STUNNING on you. Can't wait to see what "holiday" shoes you pick!

molly said...

dude!!! i want a holiday dress too!!!
i'm envious! juicy dress! get new shoes too!!

billy girl said...

Defo on the shoes. Need a partner in crime? xox