rainy night soundtrack

It was pouring rain Saturday night and staying in seemed so perfect but my boyfriend had to shoot a show and as inviting as the couch was the thought of finally seeing John Vanderslice enticed me out of the house. I've always meant to listen to Vanderslice as many people have told me I would like him so I couldn't pass up the chance to see him play live in a church. He didn't disappoint and I'm excited to dig into his music.

Sea of Bees played next, and I was really struck by the haunting voice of the lead singer, Julie Ann Bee, she had an adorable little talking voice but when she started singing it became this soulful haunting sound that just filled up every corner of that church.

The show was the CD release party for the The Definite Articles and it was exciting to watch the stage slowly fill up with 15 band members. They played their entire new album, King Merriweather, which was really beautiful. Equally beautiful was the set that was created by the band's friends. I didn't get a very good photo but it was pretty impressive and the perfect backdrop for the music. Suffice it to say I didn't regret leaving the house last night and if you haven't heard these bands I recommend giving them a listen!


acute angle said...

oh!! I almost went to that show! I L O V E sea of bees!! HARRRRRD! I bought her record and listened to it for days on end.


I just couldn't hustle out of the house in that RAIN! Instead I stayed inside in my pj's and watched the lightening in the dark while Nic played video games.

Christina said...

Oh that sounds like a pretty heavenly rainy night. I will definitely be listening to Sea of Bees they were so good!