the party dress.

I worked through my blue mood yesterday with a little shopping therapy. You're looking at the holiday party dress I finally decided on. I love that I call it a 'holiday dress' to justify the purchase. After trying it on in a store two weeks ago I told myself if I was still thinking about it the next day I would get it. Well Karl told me that and I listened to him. So when I saw it on sale at ModCloth for a limited time I considered it fate and purchased right away. Makes sense, right? Sure.

I may need some 'holiday shoes' to go with it.



gobble gobble

"Recent research shows that our brains need downtime from technology. In fact, technology is known to increase levels of stress which makes it difficult to concentrate. Too much technology blocks creativity. Downtime is important and necessary, because it allows our minds to process information and remember it. When the brain is constantly stimulated, you prevent this learning process." -From this NYT's article.

I'm planning on unplugging a little this long weekend, hope you have a good one whatever you do.

Photo from flickr commons.



I would like to live in this beautiful video Meg created for her new book, Crafting a Meaningful Home. (Not published by Chronicle but I wish it was!)

Crafting a Meaningful Home from Meg Mateo Ilasco on Vimeo.



rainy night soundtrack

It was pouring rain Saturday night and staying in seemed so perfect but my boyfriend had to shoot a show and as inviting as the couch was the thought of finally seeing John Vanderslice enticed me out of the house. I've always meant to listen to Vanderslice as many people have told me I would like him so I couldn't pass up the chance to see him play live in a church. He didn't disappoint and I'm excited to dig into his music.

Sea of Bees played next, and I was really struck by the haunting voice of the lead singer, Julie Ann Bee, she had an adorable little talking voice but when she started singing it became this soulful haunting sound that just filled up every corner of that church.

The show was the CD release party for the The Definite Articles and it was exciting to watch the stage slowly fill up with 15 band members. They played their entire new album, King Merriweather, which was really beautiful. Equally beautiful was the set that was created by the band's friends. I didn't get a very good photo but it was pretty impressive and the perfect backdrop for the music. Suffice it to say I didn't regret leaving the house last night and if you haven't heard these bands I recommend giving them a listen!


pretty things for fancy nights

It's kind of crazy to think we're already in the thick of the holiday season. Really? The year is almost over? I can't get my mind off of party dresses and recipes for holiday meals. I probably won't actually buy any of these dresses from Modcloth but I would like them all. K thanks.

And how good do these garlic mashed potatoes look? Garlic confit? Yes please.



Remember when I told you about the awesome camera my sweet boyfriend surprised me with back in August? Well we realized the shutter wasn't working and had to be sent off for repair. So when he gave it to me again all fixed up it was like getting another surprise present.
This past weekend I loaded up my first roll of film and we headed out to Sutro Baths to shoot some photos. I've been using plastic cameras this past year so it was both scary and exciting to have to think about metering the camera for each shot and I was sure they probably wouldn't come out all that well. So I'm pleasantly surprised with how they look. And more than anything I can't wait to take this beauty out and play with her some more.

The rest of the roll is here.


Twinkie Chan

Ummm. This book trailer is pretty amazing.

playing with the moon

I love these photos from Laurent Laveder.


ladies night

so many things to talk about and never enough time.

thanks ladies. can't wait 'til next time.


want it. now.

yes please.
via design for mankind.

750 words

I can't remember where I first read about the site 750 Words but it's based on The Artists Way and the goal in that book to write 750 words each morning. I signed up. Who knows how long I'll keep up with it but it felt good to write this morning. Here's some of what came out today:

I guess I'm trying to remember that things are never how they say they are going to be and the older you get the more you realize that but you're only allowed to be mad about it for so long. And then you have to focus on the good things. Like how seamless your ride to work was this morning. How your carpool didn't call, but that was OK because you got out of the house early and right as you turned the corner there was your bus, the limited one that's faster than all the others. And when you got underground you only waited two minutes for the train and it zipped to your next stop and than on your third and final transfer you only waited two minutes again. And someone made a comment about that big tupperware you were carrying, he was being funny and maybe you were annoyed at first as you often are when strangers try to talk to you first thing in the morning but this morning you laughed and appreciated his effort and when he said 'have a good day' you said it back and you meant it and you will.


Pumpkin Diarama

Oh how I wish I had seen this before Halloween. Maybe next year.

Via Say Yes to Hoboken.


rainy sunday

loving this weather.


holy sweetness.

i had to steal this and post it here, it's one of the sweetest things i've seen in a while and it's filmed in our lovely city. this couple was planning a big wedding and at the last minute decided to elope instead. the full story is really worth reading over at design sponge.

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

floating away




Come fly with me!


dreamy day on the river

My friends and I try to hit the Russian River at least once every summer for a nice long day of canoeing, sipping beer, and relaxing. This year we had a late trip at the end of September, but it was just as fun and dreamy as it is in July. Here are some of my Holga shots from the day.


Giant after party

World Series Revelry on Mission Street Rick captured the mayhem in the streets after Monday nights win. See more photos and video on his flickr stream.