Fart Party

Funny, honest, self-deprecating, sad, hilarious, un-put-downable. This is the list of words that came to mind when someone asked what I thought of Drinking At The Movies, the latest from Julia Wertz. While I admittedly haven't read much of Julia's work before she's a friend of a friend (who I was excited to see appear in this book) and I always thought Fart Party was a pretty fantastic name for a comic. Even if what Julia writes about has little to do with farts or parties. I liked this for a lot of reasons but the ones that stand out are the things that draw me to any book I really like - I find something in them that reminds me of me, or rings true to what I know and believe. In this case it was Julia's move from SF to NY (I did the opposite coastal move), her drug addicted brother (now sober), the familiar impact he has on her family, and the constant pull she feels between coasts. This is a quick and entertaining read and you pretty much have no reason not to read it. For serious.

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