Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I have never been much of a football fan. But I am a fan of TV and food and drinking. So I’ve always gotten a little excited about Super Bowl parties. Because they usually involve sitting in front of a TV all day drinking and eating lots of not-so-good for you food. And since everyone else is doing it it’s a totally acceptable way to spend a Sunday. I also get excited at the prospect of preparing large quantities of unhealthy food for groups of people to enjoy while sitting on their asses and drinking all day. Seriously, anything I can do to promote gluttony and laziness makes me happy.
So I’m going to a Super Bowl party on Sunday and I can’t decide which dip to make, The Creamy Artichoke Habanero or this Serious Eats Real French Onion Dip that looks pretty amazing. Or should I make both? Thinking about these things excites me, seriously.

Since I wrote this post I found out there will be many dips at the party so I'll need to bring something else. I made these jalapeno bacon things on New Years and I think they're perfectly well suited for a Super Bowl gorge fest so that's what I'll be making. I know you really needed that update.

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me want your food