The Cubana

Clearly the Cubana at That's It Market isn't a San Francisco secret since Anthony Bourdain visited this place on his show but I hadn't heard about the amazing sandwiches there until recently. I wasn't brave enough to order the Cubana (although I did take a few bites of my bf's) but it was the meatiest sandwich I've ever bitten in to, and I mean that in a good way. So. Much. Meat. I think it had chicken, hot dogs, steak, some breaded something, fried eggs, ham, and who knows what else. I opted for the veggie torta which was loaded with cheese, avocado, jalapenos, fried eggs, mayo, and other delicious things. I've passed this little market a million times in my 13 years here and never knew the meaty wonders it held inside.


taking things apart

How great are these photos by Todd McLellan?


Photo Opportunities

I'm loving this photo project by Corinne Vionnet. Vionnet takes hundreds of tourist photos and overlays them on top of one another. Such a smart idea with lovely results.

via Gawker.


look into his eyes

Did you know Jack was also a fortune teller? He says you are going to have a very good weekend.

photo by molly.


ladies night

Clare's Deli. Not amazing but just perfect after a few drinks next door at the 500 Club.


Fart Party

Funny, honest, self-deprecating, sad, hilarious, un-put-downable. This is the list of words that came to mind when someone asked what I thought of Drinking At The Movies, the latest from Julia Wertz. While I admittedly haven't read much of Julia's work before she's a friend of a friend (who I was excited to see appear in this book) and I always thought Fart Party was a pretty fantastic name for a comic. Even if what Julia writes about has little to do with farts or parties. I liked this for a lot of reasons but the ones that stand out are the things that draw me to any book I really like - I find something in them that reminds me of me, or rings true to what I know and believe. In this case it was Julia's move from SF to NY (I did the opposite coastal move), her drug addicted brother (now sober), the familiar impact he has on her family, and the constant pull she feels between coasts. This is a quick and entertaining read and you pretty much have no reason not to read it. For serious.


Young You/Old You

I've emailed around about a dozen different photo sites where people reenact old photos taken of them. This is by far the best version I've seen of that awesome idea. Check out Irina Werning's Back to the Future project here.

Other new photo blogs I'm liking:
Other People's Lives
My Parents Were Awesome


...everyone wants someone to watch bad movies in sweatpants with...

Quote above from Rocketshoes who has a great post on why it’s stupid to hate Valentine’s Day (even though yes I totally agree there are a million reasons to despise it. It’s a silly holiday created by card companies, like half a dozen other holidays) but so what? There are heart shaped cookies in the kitchen at work, someone left a chocolate heart on my desk, and I got two hearts on my latte this morning – all things which made me smile. And later tonight I’ll be watching some awesomely bad TV in my PJ’s with someone sweet. I've got nothing to complain about.


February in San Francisco

via Uptown Almanac
they're baaack.

it came to me in a dream

I had a dream I’m really happy I remembered the other night. Someone asked me ‘If you could do absolutely anything and money wasn’t an issue, what would you do?’ I remember immediately answering, 'I would design things - jewelry and homes.' And then after some more thought I said ‘And if money really wasn’t an issue and I could do anything I wanted I would also open up my own store.'

I haven’t been thinking about a new career lately so it’s funny to me that I had such a vivid dream. I remember falling asleep feeling really happy and supported on Sunday night, so maybe that had something to do with it? When we feel more love and support maybe we’re less afraid to take those big leaps. I’m still thinking about it all and wondering what to do with that dream. I mean the glaring sign is that I should pursue it right? But in my waking thoughts I just don’t know if that’s really what I want to do with myself. Maybe it just means I should start making jewelry on a more regular basis again. Yeah, maybe I’ll start there.


music typography

loving this music philosophy site.

via Public School


Some days I want to go live in the woods and build stuff all day long. This beautiful blog has me drooling and dreaming of that kind of life.

All photos from Wood&Faulk.


8mm Ideas

I told you it was going to be a good week, didn't I? Well head over to Molly's blog and enter to win some of her cards for free.

I know Molly is my friend but I swear I would use her cards for everything even if I I didn't know her.


Happy Monday.

I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty fantastic week.


Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I have never been much of a football fan. But I am a fan of TV and food and drinking. So I’ve always gotten a little excited about Super Bowl parties. Because they usually involve sitting in front of a TV all day drinking and eating lots of not-so-good for you food. And since everyone else is doing it it’s a totally acceptable way to spend a Sunday. I also get excited at the prospect of preparing large quantities of unhealthy food for groups of people to enjoy while sitting on their asses and drinking all day. Seriously, anything I can do to promote gluttony and laziness makes me happy.
So I’m going to a Super Bowl party on Sunday and I can’t decide which dip to make, The Creamy Artichoke Habanero or this Serious Eats Real French Onion Dip that looks pretty amazing. Or should I make both? Thinking about these things excites me, seriously.

Since I wrote this post I found out there will be many dips at the party so I'll need to bring something else. I made these jalapeno bacon things on New Years and I think they're perfectly well suited for a Super Bowl gorge fest so that's what I'll be making. I know you really needed that update.


Artist Crush: Buff Diss

Loving the work of masking tape master and street artist Buff Diss.

via Wooster Collective.
more here.


Just hit play and turn up the volume.

LA for a day

After 13 years of living in SF I finally made it to LA. Granted I flew in and out in the same day and I was in a convention center for most of the day BUT my feet touched LA soil so I can officially say I've been there.
This year I will definitely be back to really explore that city.