it's the most craziest time of the year...

Things in my world are a little topsy turvy right about now. Which explains why I am awake at 5 in the morning writing this. You know it's all the usual and I know it's crazy for everyone this time of year so I'm not going to bore you with my list of excuses for being a not so attentive blogger this month. I have oh so many blogging ideas that pop into my head daily, it's just, you know, actually finding the time to post about them. It'll all get in here eventually, just maybe not all in this month!

I have an unexpected craft fair on Saturday at Secession Gallery in the Mission from 2-7pm. Designer Taxi CDC from LA will also be there, she alters unwanted clothing into adorable sweaters, dresses, and tops and I may just have to take one home with me. There's also some great art up in the gallery right now. I know there are many events on Saturday but I'm hoping some folks will drop in for some last minute holiday shopping. So if you're in the neighborhood please do come by, sip on some wine, and tell me all about your hectic month.

You can make that awesome gingerbread house above from Red Envelope. (via Whipup)

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comfies said...

bugger. i missed your craft fair. this makes me sad.