That's what Sarah says when she's tired and that's how I feel after the craft fair yesterday and a long day of work.. I'm pretty beat. Right now I'm in my pajamas on the couch with my roommates hoping I don't fall asleep before Project Runway starts. I just uploaded a few of those billboard clutches onto my Etsy shop. Anything ordered out of my shop the next two weeks will get to you in time for Christmas! I'll be adding a lot more in there soon, I'll let you know as I add more.

Yesterday was a lovely long day in Mill Valley. The best part was getting to spend so much time with Molly and Danica. Danica's sweet little guys were the hit of the show and I'm so happy for her. Just look at them and tell me you don't want one right now! Molly also had some amazing cards, as always. My favorite are her state ones, which she has pictures of on her blog. Be sure to look at Apartment Therapy tomorrow to see a feature on Molly and her amazing house!

(as you can see up there jack's pretty ti-ti too!)


molly said...

and, after running on fumes for a few days, im ti-ti too! that was a great day in mill valley--lets do it again soon!

comfies said...

thanks for the shout out t. i'm STILL ti-ti and it's now thursday...