Let Your Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shoppe is one of my favorite new spots on Valencia, owners Derek and Lauren are just great-- I love their aesthetic, and the well edited clean looking set-up of their shop. They have a fun blog and have also been posting every Wednesday over at Design Sponge, sharing clever project ideas for fixing up any space. And now they've teamed up with Todd Oldham to host a holiday crafting challenge on You Tube. Or at least that's Todd up there in their shop asking people to send in videos of their favorite holiday crafts and DIY projects. The winners will be posted on the You Tube homepage. If you're not in SF you can still shop their store online. Here are some things from their shop I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas.

ReadyMade had instructions for making these book bookshelves a while back, one of those projects I always wanted to do but knew I would never get around to.

I like that Fluffyco is local and I love her new designs. This would be great for my craft room where I can never have enough places to hang things.

I can't help it, I'll never stop liking birds. Owls especially have a spot in my heart.

I've been admiring these porcelain dishes cast from aluminum takeout containers by artist Lorena Barrezueta for a while. What a clever idea, and the perfect gift for someone like me who eats out so much more than they cook at home.

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